Friday, February 26, 2016

June 23, 1974 The Nice Drive, The Restful Week and The Hoover Library

Dear Mother,

"We got home yesterday evening before dark. It was a nice drive partly in sunshine and a little rain but there was water everywhere. Every farmer in the midwest has probably lost some of his corn from the water and some corn was barely up. Trees were down in all directions too but we weren't in any of the bad storms.

Our hotel was right downtown so I browsed thru book stores and department stores.

Then I read and worked on needlepoint in the hotel. It was a restful week for me but B was sure busy.

I don't have the suitcase unpacked yet and we haven't been up very long. We were a bit tired last night. On our way home we ate lunch at the Amana colonies in Iowa and then stopped to see the Hoover Library. We'd been there twice before but it was always closed. It is a very interesting place.
Hope you are fine."



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