Thursday, February 25, 2016

June 15, 1974 The Perfect Day, The Curtis Hotel, The Waterproofing People, The Different Pattern and The Dirty Clothes

Dear Mother,

"This is the kind of day that everyone likes. It is a perfect June day but we had rain last night as usual. I've worked a bit in the yard this week but the weeds are so far ahead of us I can't catch up. It is mostly tall grass that grows in the iris and other permanent plants and it is awfully hard to clean out.

A friend gave me some tomato plants he'd been saving for me and I just stuck them in any open spot I had, so I don't know whether they'll do any good or not. They are all the little ones but we do like them.

Today is David Watterson's wedding and I hated not to go but B couldn't take the time. It would take most of the day and he didn't have the spare time to do it.

Bob called and wanted us to come for the weekend but we couldn't take that long so we are going in the morning and just for the day.

Then Monday afternoon we are going to start to Minneapolis. B has a meeting there like the one he went to in Kansas City. We'll start after work Monday and drive as far as Madison, Wisconsin & then go on to Minnesota on Tuesday. His first meeting is Tuesday evening and it is too long a trip to drive in one day. We'll be at the Curtis Hotel in Minneapolis from Tuesday thru Friday and then take the weekend to come home.

The waterproofing people haven't come but we did have a card saying they hadn't forgotten us so I guess they will eventually get here.

I've sewed a little this week and have Pat's slacks and skirt ready to fit. She picked a different pattern this time from the one I've been using so I was afraid to just go ahead and finish the suit up without trying it on. I'll take it tomorrow and have her try it. Then I can finish it after we get home from Minnesota.

I'm glad you went to the wedding and wish we could have. Ann wrote just a little about it but not many details. I don't even know what music she played but she did say that Mary Lou Murphy & her husband sang.

Was the Eastern Star meeting in Richland or did Buddy & Bessie drive somewhere else for it?

I'm working and ironing today so I won't leave a lot of dirty clothes in the basement. The machine has stopped so I'd better go empty it out.

Hope you are fine."



NOTE: For a great look at the Historic Curtis Hotel over time, use the link.

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