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July 6, 1974 The Hard Ground, The Good Wisconsin Weather, The Dead Tooth, The Green Beans and The Beautiful, Quiet Day

Dear Mother,

"It is really summer time now. It doesn't seem as if we would need any rain the rest of the summer but the ground looks hard. I'm sure my tomatoes need to be hoed but I haven't looked at them lately.

Ann and Bob came the 4th and left after breakfast this morning. They got up real early and were here mid-morning on the 4th so we had a nice visit. She has to play for a church tomorrow and was going to a birthday party, too. They wanted to get home early this afternoon and they will. I had told her I'd make her some school clothes before fall so we picked out material yesterday for a jacket and a pantsuit. She had brought the patterns with her. It is always easier when she can pick it all out.

B called Bob in hopes they could come for a little while but he had to work and since the new work year is just beginning he couldn't trade off with anyone. They had a wonderful time and good weather in Wisconsin so were ready to work again.

I went to book club Monday and got a new book about medicine in America and I hope I can get it finished. I've read about half the first chapter and it isn't too exciting but those who have read it say I should read it.

My tooth was pulled Monday afternoon. It was dead and abscessed. B went with me but I could have driven home alone. My face was numb until bedtime so I didn't have much pain with it and the dentist didn't have a bit of trouble pulling it. The gum is still sore and I don't know how long it takes to heal but it was a big tooth so there's a big hole there. It is far enough back that it doesn't show. I'll get some sort of bridge later on because I need it for chewing.

Ann brought me a huge box of green beans a neighbor had brought to her. They were purple but turned green when they cooked.They are awfully good and I put part of them in the freezer. B won't eat many so I thought I'd save them until Bob & Pat come down.

I went upstairs to clean up and the kids had left it so neat and clean it didn't look as if anyone had been there. I hated to take the bed apart to change the sheets but that is about all I had to do. The rest of the house is needing some work though.

Ann didn't know Charlotte was in California. She said she hadn't seen either Charlotte or Shirley in a long time.

Did you put your flag out on the 4th? We flew ours all day but I don't know whether there was another one on our street or not.

The boys across the street put theirs up every day but I think they were all gone. It was a quiet but a beautiful day.

B is working on the car--changing oil, I think and then he's going to the office for the rest of the day probably.

I'd better finish this off so it will be ready for him to mail.

Hope you are fine."



NOTE: The art on the commemorative stamp is "La liseuse" by Jean-Etienne Liotard, 1746.


  1. Emilia and I had just arrived at Rancho Cordova, CA when your mom wrote this letter. "Rancho" is a few miles east of Sacramento and the site of Mather AFB - closed since 1993 - where the Air Force beat the topic of "how to navigate good" into my thick skull. Absolutely fantastic time. Just the two of us then. We'd go up into the Sierra foothills some weekends with all the little mountain towns and amazing scenery.

  2. I'm so glad that this brings good times to mind! I may be mistaken, but did you once post some photos from back then when you and Emilia were exploring that area? I know that's beautiful countryside out there! Thanks for sharing that good memory!


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