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February 23, 1974 The Restful Week, The Pearl Earrings, The Terrible Storm, The Growing Family and The Jello Salad

Dear Mother,

"B has gone to his last meeting and I have everything packed up so we hope to be on our way home by noon. It has been a restful week for me. I have seen several people I know but all of them were busy in their meetings so I've browsed around by myself. There wasn't any place to go or anything to do when we were at the Howard Johnsons but it was a beautiful new motel and we had a huge room with TV. So I read and worked on my needlepoint. There was a magazine stand so I didn't have any problem entertaining myself.

We came downtown Wednesday and got here about noon. On the way down we stopped at a couple of stores and I got some beads and stuff for my jewelry work. B was free until evening so he went downtown with me. I have some nice pearl earrings we bought in Japan so we went to a jeweler to see if he can fix them for my pierced ears. We hope he can put a little ruby in each one and that will be my birthday present.

I won't have them for my birthday but that doesn't matter. I had all day Thursday to browse around so I spent a lot of time just looking. It started raining when I started back to the hotel and I got soaked even though I could cut through a lot of stores. I soon dried out and my coat didn't seem to be hurt a bit.

Bob came by on his way home from work and then we picked up Pat & went to dinner together. It was such a nasty, wet evening we came home early.

They are fine but he is still a little hoarse, I think, from his flu. It sure made him sick and Pat said he was goofy enough to go to work anyway and then she had to go get him. He says he's fine now and there isn't anything to take for the flu except aspirin and water.

I guess you heard over the radio about the terrible storm that hit here yesterday morning. When we woke up it was snowing and the wind was blowing a gale. I stayed in the hotel of course, and by afternoon the sun was out and the snow was gone except for slush. There were 50 mile an hour winds in the morning and it actually blew people off their feet and windows out. I never dreamed it was so bad until we heard the news.

The sun is out today and it looks nice outdoors but it is real cold.

Rose Kennedy has some articles about her family in the last two issues of Woman's Day that are very interesting so I'll save them for you. The family sounds like any growing family for all their money and she tells some things that I remember my own kids doing--such as stringing their clothes all over the house.

We have to go to a potluck supper tonight so I'll have to stop at the grocery store. I have to take a salad and it will have to be a tossed one, I guess. I sure couldn't get a jello salad to set in time. That is what most people take because they are easier and cheaper to make.

I must stop and write Ann a note. B should be here before long. The speaker this morning was Eliot Richardson and that should be good.

Hope you are fine."



NOTE: Read this for information on Eliot Richardson.

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