Wednesday, February 17, 2016

April 13, 1974 The Half Done Suit, The Blowing Gale, The Nice Evening, The Aluminum Siding and The Unfinished Jewelry

Dear Mother,

"I'm glad you like the dress material. I like it and am sorry I couldn't get it made for you. I am fine now and luckily B didn't take whatever I had. I've been sewing on my suit this week but it is only about half done. There is so much stitching on the jacket it took all day yesterday to do it. It looks real pretty. I bought my lining last night but didn't get enough so have to go back this afternoon for some more.

The wind is blowing a gale and the clouds are flying but the sun is bright and it isn't very cold. There are a few little violets blooming in the yard. Everything is so green and pretty.

We are planning to go to Chicago tomorrow just for fun. It is our anniversary and we are just going to have a good time. Bob & Pat are busy tomorrow night and he has to work on Sunday so we won't see them.

It kept looking like rain so I stopped writing and went to the store. We have had supper and it still hasn't rained but it probably will in the night. It has rained 3 nights in a row. We went out and dug dandelions and picked up papers in the yard after supper. It has been a nice evening and we still have some windows open. The wind tore a strip of siding loose on the garage but the men came and fixed it right away. I couldn't believe it would get fixed so fast and it didn't take 10 minutes. They didn't even tell me they were finished so I don't know whether we'll get a bill or not. The same people put the siding and the roof on and have been very nice to us. They got about a dozen jobs after they did our house so maybe that is one reason. People still stop once in awhile to look at the house if they are considering aluminum siding.

What color are you using for Shirley's quilt? I won't have much time for handwork for a while. There are lots of school affairs coming up and I want to make a dress or two to wear. I have the material and patterns but I need some time. My jewelry will just have to wait, too, although I hate to have unfinished pieces around for a long time.

It is beginning to get cool so I'd better close up the house.

Hope you are fine. Happy Easter!"



NOTE:  To any new readers who may not have seen Bonnie's letter describing her wedding, use the link. It's the first saved letter, April 19, 1941.

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