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February 19, 1972 The Nice Dinner, The Beautiful Day, The Usual Washing & Ironing, The Old Valentine and The Soup

Dear Mother,

"I'm home alone for a bit so I'll start this and hope to finish before someone comes. Bob & Pat came late last night and they are out running errands. They always have so many things they want to do when they come home. Tonight they are going to a ball game with Chip so he will be here for dinner as he usually is when they are home.

Malcolm & his wife rode to Normal with them & said they would come down sometime today. We haven't met his wife yet. We didn't get to go to the wedding because we were gone somewhere and something seems to come up every time we plan to see them. Malcolm is in dental school but doesn't like it and is going to change to something else. Bob has been trying to help him work it out.

B & I went to Eureka College (over near Peoria) last night to a dinner that the Board of Trustees gave for the faculty and B has gone back this morning to a Trustees meeting. The dinner was very nice and we really enjoyed ourselves. The school is small so it is easier to get acquainted than it is here at our school.

Yesterday was a miserable day. It snowed and the wind blew a gale but I heard a redbird singing before daylight this morning and today is a beautiful day but cold. We have really had our fill of cold weather.

I started a dress this week but didn't get very far because I had to have a zipper & it was too cold to go get it. The rest of the week I've been doing the usual washing and ironing.

I hope you put your old Valentine away in a safe place. It seems as if I remember it but I'm not sure and I want to see it when we come home.

I'm so glad you got a new refrigerator but I know how you hated to get one. I'm always that way when an appliance wears out and has to be replaced. You did need one though, and it shouldn't be a worry to you now.

Please don't say anything to Barton about your income tax. If you and Aunt Nora keep bothering him he may say he doesn't have time to do it and then what will you do? I should think Aunt Nora would have learned that it really pays to be patient when she didn't collect anything on that insurance policy. Barton will get that tax paper fixed up in time so just forget it for awhile.

I think the church bus is wonderful for all of you. It is so much easier than having to depend on neighbors no matter how good they are. I'm sure you had a good time at the church supper. That sounded nice and maybe you'll want to go again.

Ann & Bob still don't know what they will be doing or where they'll be living next fall. His present work is finished in August but they haven't mentioned coming home. It will all depend upon the school that accepts him for graduate work.

Yes, I am still making jewelry but I don't work at it as much as I did when I went to class every week so it takes me a long time to finish anything. I'm glad you enjoy your pin. It if gets tarnished until it looks ugly just use silver polish with cotton on a toothpick or a soft cloth. Some people like it to just mellow & they never polish it. Sometimes though, it just turns an ugly gray like silverware does and then it needs polish.

The article on the public housing project was real interesting. Where are they building the places?

Bob & Pat will stay with the little boy in April while his folks are gone. He didn't want to go with them and so they are letting him stay at home. They say he is a very nice child.

It is lunch time & I have some soup on the stove so I'd better look at it. Hope you are fine."

                     Much love,


NOTE:  The valentine, pictured above was given to Grandmother by Grandad on Feb. 14, 1906.

For more about it, use the link and then scroll to the bottom of the post.

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