Thursday, August 6, 2015

April 19, 1970 The Shoes, The Fire, The Skillet, The Weekend and The Sun

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It was nice to have two letters this week and I'm glad the shoes fit and you like them. You can take the old ones for everyday. I thought they would be pretty well gone but I guess your walking is not on rough walks & such which would wear out the soles so much.

It is hard for me to realize you are 80 and Daddy 81. You really don't seem that old to me and I hope that I'm as young as you are when I reach 80 and 81.

I've just about spent the week on the telephone trying to set up some luncheons. I've been mad so many times it almost wore me out but I took a good nap this afternoon and I feel better. One meeting for tomorrow was all set and the place had a fire so I had to start over. They couldn't help it, of course, but it was a lot of extra work. This is Pen Women and the women come from several towns so I had to notify all of them of the change.

We are going to Larsen's for supper tonight and look at some pictures of Denmark. It should be a nice evening.

Yesterday afternoon I went with some women to the Revere Ware store in Clinton since they were having a sale. I got Pat a big spaghetti pan. She said she didn't have a thing big enough so I'd been waiting for a sale. She needs a Teflon skillet too but they didn't have any this time on sale.

If things go as planned we are coming home this weekend (24th). We'll leave here after lunch sometime & get there at 8 or 9 so we'll eat our supper on the way. If the teacher goes home we'll probably stay with B's mother since we didn't last time. Don't go to any work. I'll do any cooking while we're there and I'll tell Beulah we're coming. I want to go see Uncle Floyd and Aunt Nora, too, and we'll probably start back mid-morning on Sunday. We have tried for weeks to find a weekend and we finally marked this one off and have avoided everything. Something may come up that we will have to do but we'll let you know if it does. Ann will be at a leadership camp at the Lake over that weekend so she can't join us.

I'm glad you went to the doctor, Mother. Sit out in the sun when it's warm and keep your house real warm so there isn't any dampness. The liver and beef sound like he wants you to have iron. Don't you already take vitamin pills with iron? Maybe you could just take some iron tablets if you can't eat the liver.

Ann called last night because she'd been too busy and hadn't written. She'll be thru real early this year--about May 15 she thinks.

We'll see you soon."

                  Lots of love,


NOTE: Just for the record, my Grandmother had white hair and would never consider such a modern things as coloring it. At 80 years old, to me she looked like she did at 65. That is, very prim and proper, wearing long, dark print or polka-dot mid-calf dresses, with a brooch at the neckline and perfectly arranged hair.


  1. Emilia quit having her hair colored a few years ago and it looks so much better now. And I make a point of telling her that every now and then because it's the truth!
    My dad's mother died about eight years before I was born. I remember my maternal grandmother well and I believe I was eighteen when she died at age 86. Sounds like she and your grandmother were much alike in terms of presenting themselves and dress. Funny details are what I remember, like their console radio with push buttons to change the stations and the coal furnace in their basement. Especially, grandma made The.Best.Biscuits.Ever!

  2. So nice that you remind Emilia of her good choice! Natural is usually best, at least that's what I tell myself about my grey hair!

    I think our generation of grandmothers were rather modest and "refined" in certain ways. Biscuits! Oh my gosh, my grandmother used bacon fat in her biscuits sometimes, and they were incredible as they were when she JUST used lard:-) Why can't I eat like they did!


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