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November 6, 1967 The Green Grass, The Trick or Treaters, The Twelve Orphans, The New Roof and The Duct Work

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is really cold and has been spitting snow all day. There is some on the ground and it looks queer over the green grass. I guess we're headed for a hard winter. At least, that's what people say.

One of Ann's friends was here visiting Friday and said her Dad won't be able to harvest his corn until spring. They own a big farm in Mason City and this will be hard on them. This year was to have been a bumper crop year for corn and soy beans but we had so much rain in October that very few fields are harvested.

We had so many trick or treaters that we ran out of candy and had to go to the store for more. They were almost entirely little kids although it was a rainy, miserable night. They started before it was really dark and we'd had 50 before 7:00. Some of them were awfully cute but much too little to have been out.

Ann and a group of girls gave a party for some children from an orphanage in Bloomington. The home brings the children to the school and the kids have a wonderful time. There were twelve of them. I think Mrs. Craddock worked in this home one time.

Thanksgiving will be here before we know it. We think we'll come home and spend it with you if things go as we plan. We'd come Wed. afternoon & then have to come back to Normal on Saturday. We probably won't get to come at Christmas so we'll come when we can.

We have contracted for a new roof. The men have been here over & over and cannot find the leaks so we'll see what a new roof will do. If that doesn't stop it I don't know where to look unless it's the plumbing in the upstairs bathroom. That could be the trouble in the kitchen but of course, it is the roof that has ruined the ceiling in the upstairs bath. Part of it will have to be replaced. We are getting white shingles. If it ever stops raining and snowing long enough, we'll get it on. The men could have done it this week if it hadn't rained every day.

My friend is doing fine at Mayo's. She is in the mid-fifties and now the Dr. says she probably will be able to live a long time and eat everything. Her gall bladder was full of sand-like material which they called stones. When this got into the duct she would have terrible sick spells which looked like heart attacks and that is what the Dr. thought they were. Now, she should be much better although she does have heart trouble that can be controlled with medicine.

Bob and his biology club are supposed to be on a camping trip at Cape Hatteras this weekend. I hope it is a lot warmer there than it is here.

B and I will go to florida on Monday. We will drive to the airport in Chicago and leave our car in the parking lot there. I wish we could drive to Florida but it is too far and takes too long. We'll be back Thursday night. A college girl will stay with Ann while we're gone. We will be at:

                  Galen Beach Hotel
                  Key Biscayne, Florida
                  Telephone Area Code 305

It is a meeting of the National Association of College and University Summer Sessions.

Hope you both are fine."



NOTE: At the bottom of the bank ad is a reminder to watch the Andy Williams Special on Nov. 6, 1967.

Watch and listen below to one of Mom and Dad's favorite versions of one of the Beach Boys' best of the year, sung by Andy on his special that night.  Don't forget the Beach Boys version, my preference, which follows!

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