Wednesday, January 21, 2015

May 28, 1966 The Pink Locust, The Sunny Day, The College Decision and The Driver's Permit

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We have been having beautiful weather too but there aren't many flowers. The iris that survived the freeze are coming out but they are few and far between. People are going to have a hard time finding flowers for Memorial Day. The pink locust and the wisteria both have leaves now but I doubt if there will be flowers this year. The peonies are full of buds but they are tight.

Bob's class had skip day this week and it was a warm, sunny day so there were a lot of good sunburns. Malcolm was fire red but he insisted he wouldn't peel off. Bob dopes up with lotion and doesn't seem to blister but he would if he wasn't careful.


Bob's college decision is finally made and we are all glad. Yale turned him down but he didn't seem to care. We are glad we heard before he started summer school. The letter said there simply weren't enough places for the number that wanted in. I really feel that this is best for everyone. When they didn't take him at the very beginning I began to get afraid that he'd have an awful struggle keeping up with the ones they took right away. I'd much rather he'd do well and be happy somewhere else than squeak thru Yale and be miserable all of the time.

William & Mary

Everywhere he goes people say that Wm. & Mary is such a beautiful & wonderful place. He had a real nice letter from the director of the summer school and so I think he is satisfied.

I'm sorry we missed Buddy & Bessie. When did they stop & what are they doing in Canada?

Ann's recital was real nice last Sunday. We went only to hers. There were three in a row with a reception in the middle but we had to go to a tea so we didn't stay for the reception.

Dot had supper with us Tuesday night and now she is getting ready to move to Massachusetts. Her family is there but I'm not sure she is doing the right thing. Bob has really been enjoying her canoe. He and a friend helped her take it to the lake and so they've kept the road hot since then.

The last Pen Women meeting is to be here tomorrow--a tea--but you wouldn't know it by the way I'm sitting around. I got sick Tuesday night and haven't done much since then. It's a sore throat and the worst one I've ever had. It's much better but now I have a cough that is a real nuisance.

Monday is a holiday but I suppose we will all just loaf the day away. It is good to have a day when we can do that.

The car Polly & I thought should be car of the year, but wasn't

Polly stayed all night with Ann last night. She was 16 on Thursday and drove to our house that evening with her mother. She has been taking driving lessons at school and has a permit to drive with one of her parents. Ann will learn to drive this summer.

Hope you both are fine."

                  Lots of love,



  1. Hi Ann gosh seeing the VW Beetle or Bug brought back many memories. It was my 1st husband and my car when our daughter was born in 1977 and the car was over 10 years old then :-)

    1. We had one when first married. Drove it across the country in the summer heat, no AC of course! It was a fun, noisy and very cute car I thought. Yours must have looked exactly like the one in the ad!


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