Tuesday, November 4, 2014

March 21, 1965 The Real Old Ones, The German Measles, The Long Week, The Whipped Cream Dress and Wilson's Magnificent Ideas

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"This is supposed to be spring but we have more snow.  It is melting pretty fast but the streets are slippery.  Yesterday was cold but fairly nice and I was so glad.  We had a Pen Women workshop in Peoria.  I thought I was going to have to drive but one of the other women did.  We thought we'd have two cars full but it was so cold some of the real old ones stayed home.  The workshop was all day.  I was tired when we got home but we had to go to a potluck supper.  Luckily, I was to take rolls & relishes so I bought some rolls and that made it easy.

You probably have been reading about the inauguration plans at S.M.S.  It is next Friday.  B is planning to go and if things are all right here I'll go too.  We'll come to Richland Thursday afternoon, go to Springfield Friday morning and then stay with you that night and come home Saturday.  The kids can't come, of course, so it depends upon them whether I come or not.  Bob has had a bad cold the last few days and both of them have been exposed to German measles.  If one of them should be broken out Thursday morning, I'll just have to stay here.  We were almost afraid to say we'd come for fear something would happen like it did last time but I can't be any more sure than this.

You spoke of Lola Anderson.  Who is that?  I have tried my best to place her but I simply can't remember anyone by that name.

B really enjoyed his trip to Washington but it sure was a long week for us.

Nora & Floyd, c 1920

Floyd, date unknown

Let me know when Aunt Nora & Uncle Floyd's anniversary is and I'll try to send them a card.  Maybe if I start looking for one before long I won't end up not sending one like I did for Cowans.  I'm still getting birthday cards--sort of late, but nice.

Ann stayed with a friend last night.  They were going to "early" church at the Methodist Church where the friend belongs and then they went to S.S. and church at our church.  Ann had planned to visit a farm this afternoon and ride some horses but the weather doesn't seem fit for that now.

We are going to a tea.  I am going to help hostess so I don't need a hat but I'm going to wear my new whipped cream dress.

We have had dinner and the snow is flying like fury.  This has been the craziest winter I ever remember.

I gave my book review Thursday and they said it was very good so I guess I did all right.  Now I can read something else.  That is a wonderful book and Wilson had magnificent ideas but I was getting awfully tired of it.

Bob came after the other pen but I'm out of news anyway so hope you both are fine.  If all goes well,we'll see you Thursday."

                     Lots of love,



  1. Always like the photos, this time Floyd and Nora.

    1. I have just now found your comment, Mike, and I'm so sorry for my delay in replying! Thanks for reading and I'm glad you like the photos!


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