Friday, October 3, 2014

November 21, 1964 The Litter, The Medicine, The Birthday, The Pictures and The Christmas Suit

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We're all singing a different tune this week for winter has really come. There was snow on the ground Thursday morning and every day has been colder & colder.  Yesterday the wind really tore around taking off shingles & storm windows but we didn't have any damage here.  The yard has a lot of litter in it but I'm afraid it will stay there unless we have a warm day.

I'm glad you are both better.  Take that medicine, Mother, even if you don't want it.  We didn't know anything about Dorothy Ray until this week & still don't know much.

Ruth brought only Patty with them.  She is real sweet.  I hated for them to go home at night and Buddy seemed tired but Francis Jr. drove so I suppose it wasn't too bad.  At least, they got to come. Buddy had tried to come for so long.

We are going to see more pictures of our summer trip tonight. I had expected a girl to be here to help with supper but she just called to say she couldn't come.  She has to drive 50 some miles each way & it is supposed to be 5 below tonight.

I'm sewing again--making myself a plain suit for Christmas. It has big bright red flowers & green leaves on it.  I may look like a mountain in it but it is sure pretty in the piece.  The scraps will be nice in a quilt.  Are you still saving wool pieces?

I finally mailed Charlotte's birthday package to Paris.  I sent her a cookbook, "The Joy of Cooking" and 6 teaspoons. Beulah had said she was going to start a set of Betty Crocker silver plate so I got the 6 spoons in the pattern Beulah said she liked.  I thought she could always use spoons even if she changes her mind on the pattern.  They were really pretty.

It is lunch time already so I'd better stop. Ann has to go to the dentist so I must get some things done first.

Take good care of yourselves."

                      Lots of love,


NOTE:  This is the suit.  Mom wore it for many years on Christmas day and it became an expected tradition.

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