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January 30, 1965 The Japanese Dinner, The 7 Teenagers, The Broken Pitcher and The Dry Basement

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm really lazy this morning and Ann isn't even up yet but it is almost noon.  We had a Japanese dinner last night for 15 people so we are tired today.

B had to work in the office today but he got his own breakfast and I stayed in bed until the telephone got me out at 9:30.

I think I told you our President (ISU) was in Japan for a few days last fall and he wanted to see our pictures and show his to us.  We made a party out of the evening for the three (4 counting us) families that get together once in awhile. There are 7 teenagers among us but Ann is the only girl.  The boys accept her like a sister and she gets along fine.

We've had a parade of kids to see the guitar & try it out.  Bob does better with it now than Ann does but he has worked at it more.

This has been a busy week.  It is the end of the semester so there are extra things for everyone--exams and all.  B had two extra things he had to do which took a lot of time he needed for office work.  He is on that citizen's committee to get new hospitals for our area.  The committee was asked to tour two of our hospitals to see what they have and what they need.  Then the General Electric plant asked a group from school to come and see their computer system.  They hope to sell some of it to the University some time, I guess.

We have been going to Bloomington for Ann's organ lesson on Monday night instead of going to the church.  Her teacher said it would be several weeks before we could go back to the church.  I don't know why but it is much easier for us, of course, since we just have to walk up the street about a block.

I'm so sorry about the cream pitcher. Were any of the pieces big enough to show the design?  We might try to replace it but we'd have to send a piece to show the pattern and it probably would take a year because of the writing back and forth. I'm glad it was the pitcher instead of a cup or plate.  B's mom broke a plate in her set. It just fell off the shelf one day for no reason at all.  She heard a crash & went into the dining room & found it.

Our basement is nice & dry again.  It was the recreation room where we had the trouble.  I should knock on wood, I guess, but you can never tell water has been there.  The man that laid the tiles knew what he was doing when he put the mastic on so heavy.  We had him close up the drain in that part of the basement so there is nothing to do but mop up when the water comes in.  There are drains in the other parts.

I have some other letters to write so will say bye for now.  Hope you both are fine."

                           Lots of love,

NOTE:  In the news...

Caption reads:  SPECTACLE.  Perched in trees along the route, boys have a fine view of inaugural parade as a float full of Indians from the state of New Mexico goes past.

For a look at the inauguration of LBJ:

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