Monday, October 27, 2014

February 20, 1965 The Singing Redbirds, The League of Nations, The Extra Cleaning and The Ironing

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is a beautiful day but pretty snappy and it is supposed to get very cold tonight.  The redbirds have been singing and tulips are coming up so maybe spring is on the way.  We had two wonderful days this week so I got my front windows washed.

I was hostess to As You Like It on Thursday and that was a bright, nice day.  I was so glad I'd washed the windows.  Last year when they came we had a big snow storm.

I'm still working on my book review and probably will a little at a time until I give it a month from now.  It is a wonderful book.  Wilson certainly knew what was ahead for the U.S. and I wonder how things would have been if the U.S. had cooperated in the League of Nations.  He really had vision.

I don't think there is much you can do when water keeps coming into the basement.  If the ground is so soaked it can't hold anymore it has to go somewhere.  There is no real reason why we should get it but we do sometimes.

Maybe you'll still get the Penney's catalog.  We got ours only a few days ago and we've had the others for weeks. Someone told me they are slow at filling orders but I've always ordered thru the store so I don't know.  I didn't get the Spiegel catalog because I just don't like to order from them. The clerks aren't very friendly in the Bloomington office or something.

I've worked hard all week but haven't much to show for it. Of course, I had to clean a little extra with the women coming.  I collected for the heart fund yesterday and went with B to a men's club dinner last night.

Most of today has been spent getting ready for a dinner for the Dept. of Education.  There will be about 100 of us so we are divided into groups and I am co-hostess with Faith Larsen.  We will have 12 people which isn't hard.

Polly stayed all night with Ann and they have gone to school to see a water polo game.  Bob is talking about going bowling but is doing something in the basement right now. He played basketball this morning.  B worked in the office this morning but has gone to the library now, just for fun. He certainly doesn't have much time for things like that.

I must stop and iron some shirts--just haven't got them done.

Stay away from the flu."

              Lots of love,


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