Monday, September 22, 2014

September 6, 1964 The Fall, The Peeling Paint, The Cat, The Shoes and Armageddon

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is really fall-like.  The days are warm & then it gets cool the minute the sun goes down.  We've done a dozen things today & B has a lot of work planned for the long week-end.  He & Bob have started to paint the trim on the house.  It is peeling pretty badly & the window panes had to be caulked or whatever they do to hold the glass in.

The stray cat is still with us.  He looks much better but isn't fat enough yet to suit me.  I hate to see pets skinny.  Our neighbor feeds him too & she says she'll let him in her house at night this winter. Thank goodness!

I am glad Daddy likes his shoes.  B and Bob both like that kind, too.  I ordered some plain pumps for myself but they haven't come.

A faculty family across the street told me the other day they had stopped at the place where Jerry works & had lunch.  Of course, they didn't know him but were telling me what a place it was.  Won't Jerry have to start school right away?  Our kids start next week (Thurs. & Fri.)--just to register & then start classes the following Tuesday.  I think both of them will be glad.

We went to Bones last night to see their pictures of the trip and they have good ones--many of the same things we took.  It is our turn next week to have the group here.  Ann says she is getting tired of seeing pictures but the rest of us are still enjoying them.

The Bones
I've been reading a book when I'm too tired to work any more and it really is good but terrible, too.  It is Armageddon -- maybe you read it in the Post.  It ran as a serial quite a while ago and is the story of Berlin at the end of World War II.  It is so awful in places I can hardly stand to read it but I'll bet it is all based on fact.

Polly is gone this weekend.  They took her brother to school & then they thought they might go on to Kansas City just for fun.

We had a nice letter from Bessie this week.  She was happy with the spoons & said she had 50 in her spoon racks.  She didn't say how many more she had. With Roger traveling so much she must have one from about every state now.

Hope both of you are feeling fine."

                       Lots of love,


NOTE:  For a review of Leon Uris's Armageddon:

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