Thursday, September 4, 2014

June 28, 1964 Lindos

Journal entries, always in italics.

Windbreaks on beach to protect tomatoes growing on beach.  Peasants, vegetarians & happy to have a piece of land to farm.  St. Paul shipwrecked here. 6th cent. B.C. built Lindos.  Temple of Athena on Acropolis.  

Colony of artists in Lindos.   Narrow, winding streets.

Life began in Neolithic times but Dorians built Lindos.  Took part in Troy war. People were opportunists--kept peace with everyone.  Helen landed here.  1000-- barbarians came.  1100--Richard the Lion Hearted came.  Rhodes became school for Roman Empire after decline of Hellenistic period.

Photographer selling photos to tourists

NOTE:  I have very vivid memories of the donkey ride up to the Acropolis at Lindos--one of the scariest experiences I have encountered!  Like the proverbial horse returning to the barn, my donkey did not walk (rather plod) as he had uphill.  He cantered and galloped at a very high speed on the very steep and winding rocky path, all the way to the bottom with the guide running after him, shouting the entire way.  By some miracle, the donkey stopped at the right place with me still on the wooden saddle.  At that point of course, it seemed like a fun ride.

Tomorrow, Turkey--Kusadasi & Ephesus


  1. Love the photos and love Lindos! I didn't take the donkey to the Acropolis, as I felt sorry for them - but it was an interesting walk! We stayed for two weeks in a converted fisherman's cottage built into the cliffs high up in the village. Great memories - thanks!

  2. That sounds like a marvelous vacation! I'm surprised to learn that they still have donkey rides! I'm glad you enjoyed the return visit here.


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