Tuesday, September 9, 2014

July 2, 1964 Mykonos

Journal entries:  Always in italics.

Left ship to see beautiful village.  (Men away at sea, narrow winding streets for protection of women from pirates past.  Poured boiling water or oil on heads.)

Narrow streets off main road.  

Climbed to a windmill.  Grinding grain.

Went to top to see.  Man showed how changed sails to catch wind.  Cards for sale.  Bought one of mill.  Old woman looked at mine, smiled & patted my cheek. Man weighed sack of flour & old woman carried downhill (pink sack).  Bought flat nougat from man--good.  

Saw pelicans ("Petros") and stork.

Old woman in front of shop, selling shells & shell jewelry, sitting and knitting all the time.  

Went into beautiful little church.  Blue ceiling, elaborate crystal chandeliers.

Fisherman with squid.  Sweater, charm.

NOTE:  Inside the shop of the knitting woman were sweaters made of goat hair in every color of blue imaginable. I bought one for about a dollar.   Although I assumed I would take the sweater with me, as it turned out, I was asked for my address and enthusiastically thanked for the purchase.   Nodding her head up and down, smiling and patting me on the back many times for encouragement, I left the store.  I was skeptical.  After weeks had passed, I forgot about it altogether.  About 6 months later, a small, tightly rolled package arrived in the mail.  It was the sweater.   Here it is, 50 years later, still in use!

Tomorrow, Kozani.

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  1. And you think I keep old clothes too long.

    Bob K


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