Thursday, August 21, 2014

May 17, 1964 The 8th Grade Party, The Humdinger, The Recognition, The Recital and The Pen Women

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I am so tired tonight I can hardly move but everyone is happy & that is what counts.  Ann had a party today for her class from school.  I never did count but I planned for 30.  They came at 1:30 and stayed through supper.  I was so far behind last night with my work that everyone pitched in and helped and we were ready when they got here today.

It has been hot so they didn't play ball at school long before they went to the basement to play.  Ann is worn out.  All of them played so hard. Bob sort of seemed amazed that they played so rough and he stayed out of their way--didn't even eat with them.

This week was another humdinger as they all will be from now on.  Ann's style show was one afternoon and that was nice.  She finished only one dress but the material was so terrible to work with it is a wonder she ever finished it.  She went to a concert last night with a girl from another grade school who is going to our High School next year.  Debby had a dress off the same material so they both wore them.  They looked real cute.

I went to a luncheon Thursday & then Ann had to rehearse that night for her organ recital tomorrow.

Yesterday was recognition day at the High School so B & I went to that because Bob was recognized for his science paper.  His paper is now in a group of 1000 out of the 18,000 entered.  We are real proud of it.  Then he was mentioned in a top group of sophomores for high scores on some national tests they take every year so he got a certificate for that.

Ann's room spent yesterday visiting the high school and they took everything in I guess.

All of us went in different directions last night--Ann to a concert, Bob to the high school play and B & I went to Ladies Night at College Alumni Club--a men's club B has belonged to for years.  He is their new president for next year.

I'm going to be president of Pen Women next year and have to go to Peoria tomorrow to be installed. B is going to take me so we can get back in time for Ann's recital at 4:00.

Beulah wrote me about your going to Buddy's.  I was so glad you went & glad you had such a nice time.  I wish you could have been there at a time when we could have come for the day.  I too, had wondered about your getting home from the train. I guess you are being watched over.

Bob has gone to play golf with some boys & thought they would all come back here for snacks. I had plenty left from Ann's party & they should be coming soon.

I hope you both are fine."

                         Lots of love,


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