Tuesday, August 12, 2014

March 14, 1964 The Cardboard Boxes, The Birthday Breakfast, The Meditation, The Trip and The Open Doors

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Just when I think winter is over we get another snow.  We had a pretty good one this week & B had to shovel walks again.  Everything was beautiful for it was a wet, fluffy snow & it clung to every little twig so things all looked frosted.  It melted fast though & last night we had rain which took the last traces away.  The sun is bright this morning but it is supposed to turn cold again this afternoon.  Our yard sure needs to be cleaned up.  The wind blew so hard yesterday that we even have some cardboard boxes out there and I don't know where they came from.

Bonnie & the pink suit 
I wore my pink suit to a dinner Monday night & got lots of compliments on it. Pink was the main color used in a style show here this week so I guess I hit the right color.  It worried me a little after I laid the material out & really saw how bright it was.  I'm going to a luncheon today so I guess I'll wear my suit to that.

Wednesday morning I went to a breakfast and it turned out to be a birthday party for me & three other women with March birthdays.  Our hostess even had a cake with our names on it.  We had a wonderful time.

Ann & President Bone's son, John, played the organ during meditation at the Methodist Church on Wednesday.  They both did real well.  John goes to the Presbyterian Church & I thought it was real nice for their teacher to ask them to play for this.  It was good experience.

You hadn't told me what Marjorie had sent you but both things sound nice. Daddy's tie is probably silk for Thai silk is famous.

We are going on our trip.  The tour company won't make any profit unless more people sign up to go but they want to take us anyway because of the past business with the school & in hopes of more in the future.  All of us are relieved & happy.  There has never been any mention of the Cyprus trouble but if it was impossible to go to Greece they would probably substitute other places.  We wouldn't care, of course, since we haven't seen any of Europe.  No, Malcolm won't go with us.  We asked his family to go but they really aren't eligible unless his mother enrolled & they didn't think they could do it this year. Bruce could have gone but his mother thought he was needed at home this summer. His dad isn't well & farms.  President Bone's family is going & both of his boys are Bob's friends.

We are all fine and hope you are.  Things are getting busier every day but spring gives me more pep & I can't wait to open the doors & windows."

                                 Lots of love,


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