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June 7, 1964 The Cheerleaders, The Busy and Exciting Week, The Seersucker, The Stale Feeling and The Extra Fish

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"This school year is over for all of us but B and the other people in the offices who have to get out grades and get ready for the next crowd that will be here on June 15.  Campus won't be very quiet for there will be several hundred high school cheerleaders here this week for some classes.  Today has been a lovely day and graduation was outdoors.  Everyone was worried because it rained all day yesterday.  We needed the rain terribly but after raining all day we just got ⅓ of an inch.  That was just a dribble of what we need.  It has been nice all day but started to rain hard about 15 min. ago and it is really coming.  If it rained like this all night things would pop with their growing.  The high school graduation was last night and was planned for outdoors but things were too wet. We have never been to that but always go to the reception for seniors on the Sunday before.  We went to the college Senior Prom last night but didn't stay long.  Ann babysat so it was still pretty late before all of us went to bed.

This week has been a busy one but exciting.  I wish you could have been here to enjoy Ann's excitement.  They didn't have much actual school all week but they seemed to have an awful lot to do. At least, they thought so.  Their dinner party was Tuesday night and she was on the decorating committee.  They had sold candy at ball games to earn money for this party so they had a dandy.  They paid for all of the food themselves--had the meat fixed at a store and some mothers fixed the rest.  I ran errands for my part--went after rented silverware and that sort of thing.  Ann had her first pair of high heels.  I bought her some pale lipstick about a month ago so she thought she was all ready for high school.  She looked real pretty in her blue dress.

They spent most of Wed. practicing for their play which they gave Thursday afternoon.  It was very good and it just didn't seem possible that it was the last time for Ann to be in anything in Grade School. That night was class night at the High School.  The seniors give a silly program and the new Freshmen are welcomed.  There is a lawn party for everyone afterwards.  It was real nice.  B & I finally left and went back later to get Bob & Malcolm.  Ann went with Polly and another girl.  Ann had a white pique dress for that.  You see why I have had so much sewing to do.

This week I sewed every spare minute and made a seersucker suit, two blouses, and a dress except for the hem.  This was all out of yellow striped.  I went to buy enough material to make a suit (unlined) and blouse.  The material had 2 specks of dirt & a tiny hole on one side.  The clerk gave me two extra yards if I could use it so of course I took it and cut all of that out of it.  I bought a piece of pink striped for Ann a plain shift & when that is made it is going to be all. Then I must start on this house.  I'd be miserable if I had to leave it in a mess.

I'm still reading about Paul and have two more books I want to read before next week is over.

I feel sort of free tonight for I don't have to teach Sunday School tomorrow.  I will help with the children but another teacher is to take over from now on. When we come back from our trip I am going into an adult class for awhile.  I enjoy the children but I feel so stale at times because I've taught the same stuff so many years.

I had a letter from Bessie this week.  It was good to hear from her and she sent me Marjorie's new address.

Malcolm and his folks have gone to see another son and family in Colorado so Bob is mowing lawns for Malcolm.  He is happy to be earning a little money. They will be gone only a week but it rained yesterday & Malcolm couldn't mow so Bob did one today & will do 2 more next week.

Bob sold his fish to a pet store & they were happy to have them.  That is, he sold the extra ones.  One of his biology teachers is taking care of the others at school.  Bob took the special ones, snails, & plants to school & will start his aquarium with them when he gets home.  One of Ann's friends will look after the cat.  She will have to stay here but we know she'd keep coming home if they took her anywhere but the vet's.  They would have to pen her in.  Bob measured the cat & thought it a good joke to mail her.

We were so busy we never did get any Kennedy stamps but I am going to save the one you sent.  I'm still adding things to our collection of Kennedy articles.

Ann wants us to take her to Polly's now so I'd better say bye."

                     Lots of love,


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