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January 25, 1964 The Birthday Recap, The Terrible Cold, The Freakish Weather and The Washing Machine

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is quiet around here this morning.  B is working at school since they are winding up the semester and getting ready to start the next one.  He worked last night till about 9:30 and some of the office help planned to work all through one night.  They didn't though, for a machine broke down & things had to stop for awhile.

Bob had a short note from Beulah and has had cards, but no letters, from Mabel & Rosalynn.  He's had a long birthday.  The boys (3) who are his best friends stayed all night Thurs. night & till after lunch yesterday.  They had a gay time.  They didn't have school yesterday because of the semester break.

Bob hasn't gotten up yet but he was taking cold last night so he may not feel too peppy this morning. He sleeps late almost every Saturday, though.  He hasn't had time to drive much.  B has been too busy to go with him and I didn't feel like ti but he has driven a little.  He wants to go take the test on Monday if I can take him.

I've had a terrible cold and haven't been out all week.  My nose is still stuffy but I'm over the worst part.

I'm sorry to hear about Aunt Nora and I wrote her a letter.  The card wasn't very nice but it was all I had and I couldn't go get another one.

The weather may not be fit for anything by Monday.  It is terribly cold and the wind is howling.  It has snowed a little but not enough to cover the ground.  After that blizzard we aren't surprised at anything, though we could be snowed in by Monday.  A few days last week were like spring & I saw kids go by the house without coats.  Our weather is really freakish.

I don't remember whether I read Lowell Thomas's book or not.  Bob really liked it & used it for a reference in his paper on the Island of Rhodes.  He remembered the part on the Colossus of Rhodes.  We will see that port next summer.  Lowell Thomas was on the Jack Paar show last night.  He looks old & walks old but his voice is still clear and pleasant.  He had so much hair I wondered if he had a wig on.

Our washing machine went haywire this week and we were scared we'd have to have a new one but the repair man fixed it up & said there wasn't much wrong.  I told him we were worried but he said it should last a long time.

I have my suit skirt almost done but I could have had the whole suit done if I hadn't felt so punk this week.  Maybe I can get it done next week for I need it now.  It is so heavy & it will be warm.

Take care of yourselves and don't get into mischief."

                         Lots of love,


NOTE:  I was disappointed not to find a video clip of the Jack Paar and Lowell Thomas conversation. Other guests that night included comedian Woody Allen, and satirist, Alan Bennett.  What follows is a video of Thomas reporting on the World's Fair.

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