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February 21, 1964 The Sun, The Roses, The Fish, The Supper and The Cough

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The sun is bright today but it is real cold.  It has snowed off & on all week but not enough to make the streets bad.

I haven't got much done this week and still haven't finished Ann's dress.  It won't take long if I can get her to try it on.  She isn't home nor still long enough to do it.  I went to a writers' workshop Wednesday & wanted to take some hand sewing to do while I listened but I was still waiting for Ann to try the things on. I took the cross stitched lunch cloth I've had so long & worked on that.

Bob's fish are really growing and there will be more babies most anytime.  I've already warned him that I'm not going to spend a day fishing for him.  Last time I spent most of one morning fishing little ones out of one tank when the water went bad.  They are real hard to catch.  The big fish eat the little ones sometimes but they'll just have to hide.  This morning he found a snail.  I guess he'll start reading about them now.  He thinks the little one may be a different kind from the ones he has & may have been in some plants he put in the water.

I went to a tea Thursday afternoon & heard a talk on roses.  It was real interesting.  B & I went to a dinner last night.  It was Ladies Night at the men's club B belongs to.  They served so much fried chicken we couldn't eat it & they gave us a bag to bring it home.  Ann had some for breakfast.

Larsens have been gone all week so B has had a little more work to do than he usually does.  Art's mother died.  She was in Superior, Wisconsin & had been sick a long time.  She was real old too and died in the hospital.

I'll try to finish this while supper is cooking.  I've been downtown looking at material but didn't find anything I wanted.  Everything looks too summery or too wintry.

I've misplaced your letter so I don't know whether you asked any questions or not.  How is the cough? They are sure hard to get rid of sometimes.

Bob is going to the movie at school so I'd better get the table set or we won't have time to eat."

                        Lots of love,


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