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February 15, 1964 The Suit, The Cyprus Business, The Snow and The Driving

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I hope you are feeling better by now, Mother, & that Daddy didn't catch the flu.  It takes so long to get over the stuff & lots of people around here have had it!

Ann's suit is about done but I can't catch her long enough to get her to try it on so I just hope it fits.  She tried it on one evening when I was gone but that didn't do me any good.  She is making a dress in home ec. but seems to spend as much time ripping out as sewing.  I can't understand why the teacher doesn't teach them to baste.

The Cyprus business is bad but I don't worry about it.  We hadn't planned to go there at all and if the trouble spreads into Greece we just wouldn't be permitted to go.   At least, there should be time for the trouble to be settled before June. The trip isn't full and we just hope it will get to go.  It will be a big disappointment if we don't.

No, I haven't ordered from Penneys but it really is a nice catalog.  I ordered some raincoats for Ann & me out of the Wards sales flyer but they were out of stock so we have to wait a while.  There wasn't any hurry but it was a good price & both of us needed one.

It is still too cold to wear light coats & the weather man says we'll have 4 inches of snow today.  It hasn't started yet & I hope he's wrong.  We have a lot on the ground now.

B's work has eased up a bit but he's at the office this morning & has to interview two men about jobs this afternoon.

Bob is doing fine with his driving but we don't let him go alone very much.  I haven't done anything this morning except ride with him to Bloomington.  He wanted a filter for his aquarium.  It leaks though, so we'll have to take it back. The baby fish are really growing.

I want to make some soup for lunch so I'd better get started.  It's 11:30 right now.

Take care of yourselves."

                  Lots of love,


NOTE:  The catalog order card included in the letter reminded me of a conversation with my mom a few years ago in which I asked her why she didn't just order her magazines and catalogs on-line instead of filling in tear-out cards and mailing them.  Her reply, "Why in the world would I bother to do that when I can just drop these cards in the mail with the other letters."  That made perfect sense for a prolific letter-writer.

For information on the U.N.'s peacekeeping efforts in Cyprus:

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