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April 4, 1964 The Extra Work, The Entrance Tests, The Parent Meeting and The Sewing

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I don't know where the time goes.  The morning is almost gone and I haven't done anything. B and Bob have both gone to school and Ann is waiting for a friend to call her.  Bob and a few other students went to do some work in French with their teacher. They are getting ready to take some national French tests.  I don't know what they are or anything because our school hasn't done this before but there are some national prizes at stake. There are so many of these tests available in so many subjects. They mean extra work for the teachers and we are just lucky that we have some teachers who are willing to do this on their own for they don't have to.

Ann takes her high school entrance tests next week.  These tests help the high school place them in the French, math & science classes where they will fit best.

B & I went to a meeting of parents about high school this week.  The principals explain classes, rules & such for every new class.

Ann went to church choir practice for the first time this week.  I hope she keeps it up for she has a nice voice and needs to use it more.

We had a miserable (weather) Easter Sunday.  It was blue cold & snowed most of the day.  We went to the early service at 6:30 and Polly was baptized.  Then we went back for S.S. & church.

I'm glad to know that Ray & Chloe and the others are safe.  I read everything I could & looked for names but didn't know any of them.  Several families around here were worried too.

I'm so tired of sewing but still have a lot to do.  I finished a blouse this week and Ann & I bought another piece of dress material for her last night.  It will be for one of her eighth grade affairs and not for the trip.  It is white pique so will wrinkle too much & get dirty too easily to take with us.  It seems as if I'd have lots of time to make a dress for the end of school but things get so hectic then I'm going to get it done when I can.

I hope your birthday is real happy, Mother.  There is a little package on the way. It isn't a lot but I think it is beautiful."

                        Lots of love,


NOTE:  The worry expressed over friends' safety was due to the March West Coast Tsunami, a result of the Good Friday Earthquake in Alaska.  It was responsible for damage and deaths in Oregon and California where there were family friends.

In the news on April 4, 1964, The Beatles made history for holding the top 5 positions on the Billboard Hot 100.  At #1, Can't Buy Me Love.

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