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July 26, 1963 The Dissertation, The Clubs, The Wonderful Time and The Synthetic Drapes

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"B left this paper on the table last night so I'll just use it.  He has been writing a speech that he has to give in August.  He has been working pretty hard because he has this speech & then has to meet with one of the art classes to discuss his dissertation.  It was on the history of art education in the U.S. & this class has been reading it.  We've been thinking about bringing it up to date but haven't done anything about it.

This has been a busy week.  Faith Larsen & I gave the program Tuesday night for the graduate students club (and their wives).  Then the last two nights I've been to dinners.  Two of our Quill Club members are moving out of town so we had a dinner for them Wed. night & last night I went to a dinner for a teacher that is retiring.  B had a church meeting last night, too.  We hope to dedicate the church in early November.  I think B said the 3rd.  They have a speaker lined up & are planning it now.

Bob is having a friend overnight so I have to do a little extra cooking today. They want to go play miniature golf tonight.  Bob hasn't got to play any golf this summer & he's disappointed.  We had promised him some lessons but there isn't anyone to give them.  If the college students give them they lose their amateur standing & can't play in tournaments.  Just another rule.  Our course won't open this summer though because it has been too dry.  Bob will bring his clubs when he comes to Richland.

Ann is enjoying the riding lessons but I don't think she'll continue when school starts.  It is too far to the stables.

Right now we think we'll be home somewhere around the 10th or 11th of August.  We may have to change it but that is what we plan.  Art Larsen hadn't planned to take much vacation but Faith's brother is dying of cancer & Art will have to help his wife settle things.  It is a very sad case because he is only 57, and is a well-known expert on handwriting.  Faith is with them now & they expect him to die any minute.

I'll give you a permanent when we come home if you want to wait.  Beulah might have to help me cut it but I could do the rest.  I give Ann's all of the time & the Lilt is real easy with that foam thing.

I'm so sorry about Kenneth.  It is always sad when they are so young.  Did he have a family?

I'm glad Sue has a friend & I hope she marries him.  Seems like she has had a hard time.

We had a wonderful time at Wheeler's.  Bob had made one of the sun scopes out of a big box & we took it along.  It worked fine & then we saw the eclipse on T.V.  Wheelers haven't changed a bit.  Their youngest girl had changed & seemed different but of course she has grown from a baby almost to a young lady so we should have expected a change.  We got there about 2:00 & stayed till Sunday afternoon about 3:00.  We came home a different way so we saw some different country.  It is about 200 miles so we were home before dark.

Bonnie, Bob & the Wheelers
I finally got my drapes hemmed & pressed.  They were awfully hard to press because they are synthetic but they look pretty nice.

B & I are going to Peoria tomorrow to see about some sunglasses for him.  He wanted them for Father's Day & we've been waiting all of this time to go.  He wanted to wear his new glasses a while to see if they were all right before he saw about the sun glasses.  The bifocals are fine but are so heavy they have made his nose & ears very sore.  He is about to get them adjusted now.  The clinic told him the lenses had to be polished by hand in the factory and is the reason it took so long.  It was about 2 months which seemed pretty silly but I guess they were right.

I must get some beds changed & things done this morning before it gets too hot so hope you both are fine.  Take it easy when it is hot."

                              Lots of love,


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