Friday, July 11, 2014

July 14, 1963 Up Real Late, Real Nice Girls, A Wonderful Time and The Full 4 Minutes

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"This is Sunday & no one is up yet so I'll take advantage of it.  When I saw it was after 11:00 last night I went to bed.  It makes me so tired to lose sleep & we have been up real late for several nights.

The girls came mid-afternoon Wednesday & will go home today.  All of us have had a good time and they are real nice girls.  There are 3 of them.  We put a mattress on the floor for two of them so they are all in Ann's room & you should see it--looks like a cyclone had hit it.  They primp & giggle half the night & then they sleep till noon.  I haven't cooked a single breakfast for them.  Nancy (the girl who went to camp with Ann) took them to the park Thurs. afternoon & they rode on everything there a dozen times.  Nancy's dad owns the concession rides so it didn't cost them anything.  Friday afternoon we went to the lake with a picnic & yesterday afternoon they went to Bloomington to shop.  They are on the go every minute.

We had a wonderful rain yesterday morning & it looks as if we might get some more.  It is surprising how fast things can green up.

I went down to see the church one day this week & it is really going to be nice but those workers are going to have to step lively if they finish by Sept.  My kindergarten room is the nicest one in the building.

You must have thought I was a good one not to even mention the old chest in my last letter.  I had mislaid part of your letter & didn't remember the chest till my letter was finished & sealed.  We don't know how on earth we could get the chest here unless we rent a trailer & then we don't have a hitch.  I think the chest is too big to go on top of the car but we're thinking about it & maybe we can figure it out.

I guess Buddy is home & I know he had a wonderful time.  I'd like to go to Hawaii, too.

The booklet you sent was real nice.  I haven't had time to take it to Mrs. Hodge but I read it myself & Mo. sounds pretty wonderful in it.  There were lots of places listed that I never heard about.

Bob's sweater is coming along pretty well and it will be beautiful but it is such a hard pattern.  I have to watch so closely & it goes very slowly.

I haven't done a thing about the drapes & the holes get bigger every day.  I don't see how I'm going to get things done before school starts in the fall.  Summer goes so fast.

Did your church bells ring on the 4th?  Ours didn't ring the full 4 minutes I don't think, but they rang anyway.

I hope both of you are feeling fine by now."

             Lots of love,


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