Thursday, June 5, 2014

October 28, 1962 High and Low, Cold and Snow and Settling with Russia

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I have hunted high & low for your letter and can't imagine where I put it.  This has been kind of a dizzy week and I guess I put it away some place.

It has been cold and we even had snow off and on Thursday.  It is some warmer today so Bob has worked in the yard all morning.  He cut off the peonies & cleaned up the rubbish in the flower beds.  That's such a big job.

B is doing some plumbing today.  For the third time we are having to change the kitchen faucets.  They are Ward's best but I'm beginning to believe they aren't any good at all.  They have given us new ones each time but it is such an awful job to change them.

I guess you heard the President's speech.  It made my blood run cold but I think it is the only way to settle with Russia.  Words mean nothing to them.  Promises have never been kept & I think they will keep causing trouble if we don't stand up to them right now.  I pray that God will be on our side.

We have had an invitation to Woody's inauguration as president of Augustana.  It is a two day affair but we will go only for one day since the children aren't invited.  The ceremony will be in the morning & then there is a luncheon.

The mail came a little bit ago and now I know why I couldn't find your letter.

I haven't answered Bessie's letter yet.  She probably thinks I'm awful but I can't seem to get everything done on time.  I think it would be real nice if we could all meet there.  We would go just for the day.

Ann is going to start organ lessons next Monday.  She wanted to and we thought we'd try it.  She is going to visit with a friend this afternoon & is waiting for me to take her so I'd better go."

                  Lots of love,


NOTE:  For JFK's address on the Cuban Missile Crisis, see below.

For a brief pictorial summary of the crisis, use this link:

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