Monday, June 9, 2014

November 25, 1962 The Extra Ones, The Wonderful View, The Long Weekend and That's About All

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We were sorry you could not meet us at Buddy's but I was more concerned about Daddy being sick again than I was about you not being there.  I read your letter & they told me what Beulah had said and then I had your letter yesterday. It didn't matter that you didn't let us know you couldn't go for we would have gone anyway.  We did have a real nice time and it was a beautiful day.  Bessie had the best dinner but I'll bet she was worn out on Friday.  Flora, Fannie, Ruby & Bill, Bill's brother and a business associate  from England, Francis Jr. and his family, Roger & our family were the extra ones. The Englishman was a very nice young man and had never eaten sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie & I don't know what else.  Bob was really interested in him & some of the words he used when some of the fellows were playing Scrabble.

Buddy & Bessie's house is lovely and they have a wonderful view from their big front window.  Bessie had everything fixed real pretty.

We have enjoyed the long weekend but it hasn't been long enough.  We took Bob downtown to get a coat yesterday and then I stayed down the rest of the afternoon looking for material for Ann a Christmas dress.  I finally found a piece of red cotton material.  I told her what you said about Xmas and she said she'd like dress material.  She seems awfully slow about getting things sewn at school but I don't think the teacher helps them much because she works pretty fast at home.

I haven't done much Xmas shopping yet.  I did get a few cards and some lights for decorations but that's about all.

The office was closed Friday so B had a little time to do some things he wanted to do.  He has read and worked around on the organ besides cleaned the basement.  It was in a terrible mess--the part where the furnace is.

Granny Watterson is at Watty's now and I should go see her.  I haven't seen her in months.  Watty's sister has been sick & she has stayed with her.  Now she is planning to go to Arizona before Christmas. She sounded pretty good over the telephone.

I hope you both are pretty good by the time you get this.  Daddy had better be extra careful for a while and do as the Dr. says.

                               Lots of love,


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