Tuesday, June 24, 2014

March 16, 1963 Bits of Green, Another Sore Throat, A Touch of Flu and 16 Women

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It has been pouring rain but the children say it feels warm outside so that isn't so bad.  B says the grass is showing bits of green & I can see the Pussy Willow is beginning to come out.  I still haven't cut any.

Last Sunday was a beautiful day to drive to Springfield for the piano festival.  Bob didn't want to go so Ann took Polly with her.  Ann got an excellent rating--the same she has had for four years.  There is one higher (Superior) than that but we were real happy with it.  She didn't feel well but thought maybe she was just nervous. It was another sore throat though & she was out of school till Thursday.

I can't seem to write today. I've had a stomach upset the last day or two.  It may be a touch of flu but I don't have a sign of cold or fever.  It is a bad time to have a stomach ache for we went to a dinner last night, one tonight & have a luncheon tomorrow.

Last night we went to the spring dinner of a women's club as guests of some friends.  Tonight is a faculty dinner at school and Pen Women meet in Bloomington tomorrow.

I made Ann's dress on Monday--sewed all day and it is one of the cutest dresses she's had.  We ordered her spring coat from Alden's but it will have to be hemmed up & the sleeves shortened.

I've been working on a beige cotton suit for myself & have the jacket almost done.  It takes so long to make a suit.  I ordered some yellow wool from Wards but haven't started that yet.

I got a permanent one day, too.  Helen Brown & I had a supper party for 16 women Wed. night so we're through with parties for awhile.

Thanks for the article but sorry you had to send Daddy to the Mirror office for it.

Ann has an organ lesson this afternoon. She usually has it Mon. night but her teacher helps play for the Passion Play and they have a rehearsal on Mon. night this time.  I have to get groceries while we're out so I'd better stop and clean up.

Hope you both are fine."

                        Lots of love,



  1. It's beautiful so enjoy this writing!

  2. Thank you for commenting, Rosy! I really appreciate it. I hope you find something interesting to read in the letters. I really think those written in the 40s are great!


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