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July 29, 1962 It Poured in Chicago, The Organ is Done, $75,000. is Promised and Bonnie is About to Fall Out of Her Chair

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We have been in Chicago most of the day.  Bob went out to Bruce's last night and they camped out.  Then they spent today together.  They have been trying to do this for weeks but we always had something to do on Saturdays.  Bob didn't want to go to Chicago so we let him go out there.  They cooked their own supper & had a wonderful time.  It poured rain most of the day on us but there wasn't a drop in Normal.  We didn't have an umbrella or any raincoats but it didn't bother us too much.  We bought a cabinet for our radio stuff but we have to wait for it to be shipped because it is a new model & they had only the floor samples.  I bought a black purse for fall and we got Ann some school skirts.

The organ is all done & it is beautiful.  We have all been playing it for you can make pretty nice music with one finger.  It is hooked to the old speakers we had in the basement but as soon as the cabinet comes for our radio components we'll hook it to that & the good speakers.  It should sound even better.  B had his tools all put away but I haven't finished cleaning up the study yet.  It is going to look nice with the piano in there.

Yes, I'll keep on with the thyroid pills.  Dr. Ball thought it was fine I take them as long as my heart doesn't pound & it is working just right now.  My pulse was perfect & it is usually slow so maybe the dosage of thyroid is just right--just ½ grain & less than I've taken for years.

It's too bad Buddy couldn't be home the weekend we were there.  Is their house on Manchester Road or is there a Manchester section of the city?  The house sounds nice & I think it's wonderful that Bessie is going to see Marjorie.  Why isn't Buddy going too?

We had our first report meeting at the church on Monday night.  We have $75,000. promised so far.  B & I called on two families.  One gave us a promise of $780. & the other woman said she'd give something but hasn't yet.  The pledges run for three years so it isn't too hard on people.  So far, it is going well.

I know the kids would like to come & spend a week with you but I don't know how or when they could do it.  I'm not too keen about them coming on the bus & the trip is so long for a weekend jaunt.  Ann wrote & asked Rosalynn if she & her friend, Polly, could come & we didn't know she had even mentioned it till Rosalynn answered her.  She is full of ideas all of the time.

I fixed a magazine to mail to Ida but don't know when I'll get to the post office to mail it.  It has book publishers listed in it & tells how to fix a manuscript to mail it.

The walking today has made me sleepy so I'd better go to bed before I fall out of my chair.  Hope you both are fine."

                         Lots of love,


NOTE:  See below the clipping included in this letter about State Farm, headquartered in Bloomington.  (Time July 26, 1962)

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