Tuesday, May 27, 2014

August 18, 1962 Ann is 12 and Broke Most of the Time, We All Love the Organ and The Morning is Half Gone

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Ann is 12 today.  How fast that time has gone.  We are having a summer just like we had when she was born.  Do you remember how cold you were all the time you were here?  We haven't had to turn on the furnace this time like we did then, though.  Ann was happy about your card and the money.  She is broke most of the time so money always makes her happy.  The rest of us never did see the card.  She put it away.  Polly is going to spend the day with her but hasn't come yet.  Polly is a late sleeper & Ann gets up at the crack of dawn.  They have practically lived together this summer & it has been good.  Polly starts on a trip tomorrow and Ann will be lost for awhile.  We ordered a record player for her but it didn't come so we are going to Chicago tomorrow and let her pick one out.  She wanted one so badly and we were afraid she'd be awfully disappointed when it didn't come so we told her several days ago and asked her about Chicago.  That seemed fine but I felt sorry that we didn't have something more for her today.  She didn't seem to care and Bob got her some records so she had those.  I'm baking one of those German Chocolate cakes and got a tiny turkey.

We are supposed to get our Japanese print tomorrow but will have to wait till next week since we'll be gone.  I don't know just how big it is but I suppose when it's framed it will be about 20 x 24 or bigger.  Most people would think the picture is ugly but it is very interesting to us.  It is an original done by the most famous Japanese artist.

I'm like Nobel about the mining speculator or whatever he is.  It would be wonderful if it turned out to be real and there was something valuable on their place but I'd have it all down on paper & know everything in the fine print.

We are all playing the organ.  It is surprising how well Bob can do, too.  He has been practicing almost every day and has gone thru two beginning books so we ordered the next ones.  We all just love it.

I have sewed almost all week.  I think the suit coat is about done but I ran into one problem after another.  When I'd get tired of it I'd pull weeds or work on my cross-stitched table cloth.  I'd really like to get it finished before school starts.

The morning is half gone and I must get some cleaning done today.  I never like to go away and leave the house dirty."

                          Lots of love,


NOTE:  It's true that I always spent every penny of my allowance, usually across the street at the small neighborhood store, Hendren's.  There was a great selection of penny candy, pop of every kind and just about any trinket you would need.  When necessary, I could save enough to buy 45s, but they were only about 69¢.


  1. Ann, really love your blog, and it is good to be following closely. Adorable picture of you, and fun to see the Peg Bracken book. I've read about her and this book. And Dion-what a great song. I just don't hear that kind of gusto today. I've been listening to a lot of the old rock and roll and am struck by how multilayered those albums are--really caught all the background vocals, breathy sighs, fingers snaps, etc.

  2. Patrick, thanks! I can't believe that I've saved those records for 50+ years. Glad I did because old vinyl has a sound all its own. If I ever finish posting all of the letters and finish the blog, I'd like to read it from the beginning and learn some mid-century history myself:-) Thanks for reading!


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