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January 21, 1961 The Scout Meeting, The Birthday, The Book Club, The Inauguration and Doughnuts

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Believe it or not, we are up early today and haven't even had breakfast.  Bob is out delivering papers for Dennie so we're waiting for him to get home.  Dennie won a trip to Washington for selling subscriptions for the newspaper so he and some other boys have been gone several days.  Bob has been delivering every day and it gets colder every day.

Yesterday morning we went to the eye clinic for Bob's check-up.  His eyes haven't changed any since last March so he didn't have to have new glasses.  The kids' school had an election all day Thursday and Bob was a judge so he was out of classes all that day but I guess that was good experience.  They have a regular campaign and the kids wear signs & tags and argue about who is the best candidate.

All of us went to school Thursday night to a Scout meeting.  It was a special program and I felt like I'd been to church or a wedding.  Bob and some other boys got Scout badges and promotions but the fancy ceremony was for one of the Scouts who was getting an Eagle badge which is the highest Scout honor.  He is a high school senior and a fine boy.  There was a big crowd--they had sent out formal invitations--everyone was really impressed.  Our minister gave the sermon and did a fine job.  He was substituting for the boy's regular minister who had to be out of town for a funeral.

Bob had a fine birthday.  He had to miss a ballgame he was supposed to play in because of the paper route but he didn't care.  He asked for a carrom board, a steak dinner, and for all of us to stay home and play games.  He didn't want a party or even any boy to eat with him so we had a fancy supper in the dining room with candles and then played carroms all evening.  All of us had a wonderful time.  He was real happy about your package but he always says you have already given him his present.  He remembers & never expects you to send him anything else.  He uses a compass at school & said the one you sent was better than the one he had & I think he took all of the pencils to school.

I stopped to fix breakfast when Bob came & he wasn't as cold as I thought he'd be.  It's 4 below this morning but we bought him some long underwear & he said it was real warm.  He got some money for his birthday & now has enough to buy him a $50.00 bond.  We want him to go buy it himself but he doesn't have much free time when the bank is open.  He even had to go to the barber shop at 7:30 one morning.  He's about as busy now as his Dad.

 I went to a book club meeting this week.  We are just starting it.  Each one buys one book and they are passed around until every one reads every book.  Then we buy another one.  There about about 15 of us and the books are to be passed one every two weeks so we may buy two books a year but not more than that , but we'll read a lot.

 B & Bob went to a ballgame last night but I watched T.V.  I hadn't watched the inauguration yesterday & I wanted to see it.  I went to a Pen Women workshop for most of the day.  I had finished the rough draft of the play I was working on and wanted their criticisms.  They suggested only a few changes but it will still take a lot of work to get it ready to mail out.

Ann is practicing so I'd better go help her a little.  Ruth sent me the children's pictures & wrote a nice letter & Beulah wrote Bob a nice letter & sent him some money for his birthday.  I want to write both of them soon.

Don't rush with the recipe.  I don't know when I'll ever find a day to make doughnuts.  Hope you both are fine.

                     Lots of love,


NOTE:  For an older favorite doughnut recipe:

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