Saturday, March 22, 2014

April 22, 1961 The Buzzing Bees, The Botched Blouse and The Big Box of Shells

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The kids will soon be here for lunch but I can start this anyway.  This is such a wonderful, warm sunny day I am having a terrible time staying in the house.  We haven't had any decent weather in so long & Sunday was a real mess, as you know from the papers.  Today, the bees are buzzing & the birds are singing.   I even have the windows open.  If it stays like this I can take my Sunday School kids for a walk Sunday so they can pick dandelions.  They love that.

B has a meeting in Chicago tomorrow so we're going to ride along & will entertain ourselves downtown till he is free.  I hope we have a day like this.

I sewed all day yesterday on my black and white gingham dress & could have just about finished it but when I got the blouse part done, it didn't look right with the cross-stitched skirt.  I'm going to get some more gingham & cut a different blouse.  I put too much work on that skirt to botch it up.  The blouse I made is nice but I trimmed it in black & it was too much contrast.  I guess I'll make a skirt for it too and have two checked dresses.  I'm in the mood to sew now, if I could just have a little more time for it.  I have to go to a tea at 4:00 this afternoon or I'd go get my gingham & sew.  The tea won't last long but it sure takes a lot of time to get dressed & get there.  It kills an afternoon for anything else.

Things are really beginning to hum around school like always at this time of year.  It makes me tired to look at my calendar.  Both of the children showed our pictures at school this week & Bob took a big box of shells today.  He'll set up a display in the room.

Photos from the animal sanctuary, Okefenokee

I must stop & get cleaned up.  If I wait till the last minute before the tea someone will come & I'll have to break my neck to get ready on time.  Hope you both are fine & are having nice weather."

                            Lots of love,


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