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January 30, 1960 The New Semester, The Adult Admission, The Crossed Letters and Substitutes for the Substitutes

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"News is sure scarce around here.  The kids are home today and Monday because of the new semester.  They will have new student teachers on Tuesday.

Bob has gone to a movie with Bruce and we will pick them up after awhile.  Both of them are 12 now and have to pay adult admission.  They really groan about it.  Dennis was sick again yesterday and Bob had to take the papers by himself.  He was really happy when Dennis called today and said he felt fine.

This is the third time I've tried to write this letter and I may not finish this time.  This is Sat. and it's almost time to go to Ann's piano recital.  The basement is full of boys.  They started calling before we could get dressed.

I had a letter from Beulah.  I guess our letters crossed for I had written her a few days ago.  I finally got some things mailed to Jerry & she wrote that they had arrived.

Bob's room gave a little play for the families of his room on Mon. night.  We had our annual potluck supper first.  Everyone had such a good time.

I had a couple of meetings this week and went to a funeral one afternoon.  The woman was real old but we had known her since we came to Normal.  Her husband used to teach at I.S.N.U.  Edna & I went together.

Edna showed Africa pictures at our church Wed. night so I went to see them.  They are so interesting.

We've been to the recital & back.  It isn't very cold out so the ice skating lasted only a few days.  We don't use our fireplace much except to burn papers.  We never did buy any wood for it.

I hope Daddy's mouth feels better.  It seems like a sore mouth or sore feet can make you sick all over.

We are all fine so far but I heard some kids say they had substitutes for substitute teachers there are so many teachers sick."



NOTE:  Most of you probably remember this:

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