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February 13, 1960 The Cobwebs, The Brownies, The Scouts and The Pile of Mending

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I've been cleaning but the sun is so bright here in the dining room that I can see all the cobwebs I missed and I think I'm going to have to start over.

It is real cold outside but it looks spring-like in spite of the little bit of snow that's scattered around.  The grass is green in spots and the wind is blowing like March.

Registration problems are about smoothed out now so we hope this will be the last Saturday B has to work for awhile.   The last two weeks have been so busy.

There has been a lot going on this week.  The Brownies made Valentine cookies here Monday afternoon and I was worn out when they left.  They were good and had fun but it is just hard work to look after them.  Edna had wanted me to go with her to a lecture that night but I was too tired.  That Professor Spector from St. Louis was talking on Communist China and I would like to have heard him.  You remember that his secretary was murdered on a ship and the trial is going on now.

Fred Waring and his orchestra gave a program at school Tuesday night and we went to that.  It was a terrible stormy night but a good show.

Thursday was Dollar Day but I didn't find many bargains.  There weren't even very many people in town compared to what there usually are.  The stores bring in so much extra junk for Dollar Day that you'll get stung if you're not careful.

Bob got an advancement in Scouts that night so we went to see him get that.  The boys have set up camp in the center of Normal as part of Boy Scout Week observances. 

They were there all yesterday afternoon and Bob went back this morning.  They have a tent up, made a table and built a big fire.  They cooked things last night and passed the stuff out to anyone who stopped to watch.  Bob said the college girls would sample their food but lots of people wouldn't take any.  The boys cooked their supper and Bob came to the church about 8:00.  We were there for a church supper.  He was cold and had black all over his face but had had a wonderful time.

Our couch is to be delivered this afternoon so I'm anxious to see it.  They called me this morning and said it was here.

I can't get in the sewing mood.  I have had Ann's Xmas jumper cut out for weeks but have just a little sewed on it.  I have a pile of mending to do too.

My pen is about dry so I'd better stop."

                      Lots of love,


NOTE:  For information on the murder of Spector's secretary:  http://www.cruiseshipdeaths.com/Cruise_Ship_Deaths/Lynn_Kauffman.html

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