Friday, December 20, 2013

December 12, 1959 Tea and Cookies, Shopping Finished, Sort of a Hectic Day and The Last Letter of the Decade

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Our house looks like Christmas had hit it.  We put the tree up last Monday night and it is pretty.

 Of course, we unpacked all the decorations but I haven't had time to really arrange any of them so things are just piled around.  The mantle is a mess and the dining table is just as bad.  I haven't been home long enough to do anything.

Went downtown two days and got most of my shopping finished.  The weather was nice so I wanted to do it while I could.

I helped Faith Larsen with a tea Thursday afternoon and made cookies to take to the Quill Club party that night.   I was a hostess.

B was in Peoria all day Thurs. and that night too so I had to get a sitter to stay with the kids.  It was sort of a hectic day.

I have mailed most of my cards but have a few to do yet.

I have to help with a tea tomorrow afternoon and then help Faith with another one Mon. afternoon.  Besides that I am invited to a tea, a coffee, have a Brownie Xmas party, give a talk to the High School Home Ec. Club and go to the kids' Xmas program at school all between now and next Friday.  Do you think I'll make it?  I forgot about our Potluck Christmas party which is tomorrow night.

Clippings from Bonnie's Christmas file, 1959
Our church is having a Christmas supper so I'll have to fix tables for that on the 20th.  That is better than going every day for practice on a play.  I suggested the supper instead and wrote the invitations to send to families.  They want to have the play again next year.

I guess I'd better get the house straightened up a bit.  Someone will come if I don't.

Hope you all are fine."

                       Lots of love,


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