Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October 18, 1958 Cookies and Cranberry Tea, The Six Pound Meatloaf and The Ideal Weather

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"For a change, I am home tonight but B is out to a meeting.  The kids are watching T.V.  This week hasn't been so bad, though.  Our church group met here Monday night so I cleaned up the house a bit and made some cookies that day.

I had a houseful--20 some.  We had cranberry tea and cookies so it didn't matter how many came.  It is a little like a hot punch and is real good.

I went to a committee meeting Wed. afternoon and then helped with the P.T.A. penny supper last night.  I made a 6 lb. meatloaf for it and then helped served salad last night.  It was a good supper and I guess we served around 1500 people.  We have 600 children in our school and when all those families come it makes a crowd.  Lots of towns people go to eat, too.  I was tired after it was over but yesterday was Etta's birthday so I went down to see her a while before bedtime.

My cold is much better.  My ears were stopped up for a few days but they are all right again.  I still cough a little but not much.  I didn't go to S.S. last Sunday because I was coughing pretty much but the rest of the family went.

The paneling will be real nice in Beulah's house.  It's a lot of work to finish but is easy to take care of.  Their house will be easier to heat, too.

I would love to see Granny Gibson and I'd like for the kids to get to talk with her.

The weather is ideal now.  We drove to the country last Sunday & the kids found some Paw Paws.  We kept going & wound up at a nursery full of mums.  I bought a spoon mum to add to my collection.  My mums are beautiful now and I have several colors.  Those from home are budded but are so slow at coming out.  They must not be suited to this climate.

B & Bobby plan to rake leaves tomorrow.  Our yard is full but there are still lots on the trees.

Bobby and the gang

Well, I'm out of news and paper too, so bye for now."

                            Lots of love,


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