Tuesday, September 3, 2013

October 5, 1957 The ISNU Centennial Year Comes to an End

See notes below for image source and information
Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm not too peppy this morning after yesterday's big day.  Our president was formally inaugurated and the school went all out to make it nice.  It was the high spot of the centennial celebrations and yesterday was chosen for the inauguration because it was the last day of the school's 100th year.  Today begins the 101th year.  There were lots of out of town guests from other schools.  A lot of the faculty wives had to meet the out of town wives and take care of them until after the ceremonies.  There was a long march of all the dignitaries in their caps and gowns.  I went to school a little after 9:00 yesterday morning and came home about 2:30.  The kids were dismissed in the morning so their teachers could take part and we had a sitter.  There were talks and a tea yesterday afternoon but I didn't stay.

I guess we'll go to the football game today.  B was going to take Bobby and I wanted to stay at home & work in the yard but Ann thinks she has to go.  I know she'll want to come home before the game is half over.

The kids and B got their flu shots on Monday but the Dr. wouldn't give it to me because of that egg allergy I had so long ago.  There hasn't been much vaccine in town but I just happened to call the right day.

We had P.T.A. one night this week, too.  I managed to get the ironing done and that's about all.  Maybe next week won't be so full.

It's getting close to lunchtime so I'd better stop.  Have you thought more about coming to see us?"

                                Lots of love,


NOTES:    The photo above is from an on-line ISU publication:
http://stories.illinoisstate.edu/magazine/illinois-state/features/bob-bone-pivotal-president-shifted-isus-purpose-and-plan/   Take a look at the link for great information about the Bones and their presidency at the University.

What follows is a great centennial film about the University.  Although it's such fun for me to see so many of our parents' friends and parents of our friends, it's a long video.  Watch a little of it if you're curious.


  1. Asian flu originated in China in the spring of 1957 and spread to SE asia and Austrialia in June and July and then all around the globe. When schools started in Sept, the aggregation of children into groups provided the substrate for an explosive Pandemic which peaked in October. We now know it was the H2N2 influenza A virus, a reassortant of human and bird flu viruses.

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