Thursday, September 26, 2013

March 15, 1958 Quill Club, Filling Nail Holes, A Tiny Fever, A Japanese Meal and Playing Marbles

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I had Quill Club here last night so my house is clean for a change.  We don't serve refreshments which is a help because we never know how many are coming.  There was a big crowd here.  I hadn't written a thing because I've been working on another talk for Monday night.  It is for a Normal club that's called the Literary Center--a couples club.  I spoke to them a long time ago and tried to get out of it this time.  I want to get my book rewritten but I don't have any time to work on it.

The upstairs isn't nearly done and it will be a while before the kids can move up.  None of that paneling was finished so we are trying to get it done.  It has to be sanded before we can do anything.  I have been filling nail holes every minute I have.  B hopes to do more sanding tomorrow.  Bob's room and part of the hall are ready for the stain.  We're going to use Phelan's butternut which should give a "pinkish" soft tone to the wood.  The pine has so many colors in it anyway that we decided to stain it a little so it would have an all-over tone to it.  We hope we can move the children up during Easter vacation.

Bobby had croup last night and a tiny bit of fever this morning so he's home this morning.  He doesn't feel bad but there is so much sickness around I decided he'd better stay home with the fever.  Scarlet fever, mumps & even whooping cough are in some of the schools.

We were supposed to go to the school circus tonight but if Bob still has a fever he & I will stay at home.

Our potluck group meets tomorrow night and we're going to have a Japanese meal.  It should be fun.  We're going to eat with chopsticks and most of them don't know how to hold them.

B has gone to Kewanee, Ill. for an all-day meeting.  He is to talk to a lot of teachers and will get paid something for it.  We don't know how much.

The kids have started to play marbles so I guess spring is not far off.  My neighbor brought me a big bunch of pussy willows and they are so pretty.  They are great big ones.  I'm going to try to get some rooted and put out.  I've tried it before but they always die.

I'd better get started on the nail holes."

                            Lots of love,



  1. I used to love playing marbles when I was at school and I was pretty good too. I like pussy willows as well except these days they make me sneeze.

  2. Not far from where we now live, there is a company that makes marbles and I've always wanted to take the tour and see how they are made.

    Maybe dried pussy willows wouldn't make you sneeze--they're still pretty!

  3. Maybe you should go see how marbles are made Ann and then do a separate post about it. I've often wondered how the marble makers get the swirls and colours inside their marbles to stay so uniform.


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