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July 16, 1955 Trouble in Argentina, Good Fish and Scarce News

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We just got home from the grocery store and got the kids in bed.  Lynn is staying all night with Bob so they are still awake.  Toni and I took the kids swimming again today.  They all love it.  Bob and I keep peeling every time we are in the sun but haven't had bad sunburns.  Afterwards we pooled our suppers with Toni and ate at her house.  That is the third time this week but she is lonesome.  Watty will be gone three more weeks.  Since the new trouble in Argentina the group will not go there at all.  They had made alternate plans in case this did happen.

Last Sunday we took our supper to a state park near Urbana.  There is a lovely lake there and a grand place for children to play.  B and I went in the water with the children and they like that.

There has been a three-day conference on the school and community at school this week.  It was B's responsibility so he has had a busy week.  One night they gave a fish fry for all the extra people on campus.  It was chiefly a men's affair but I was invited and didn't know it.  B brought me some fish and it was wonderful--Canadian walleye.  I'd never eaten any before.

The house next door sold for $29,000.  The Baptist Student Foundation bought it and will use it for their meetings and to house some students.

News is scarce.  I'll just have to quit and say good-night.  I finally finished Ann's red dress from the material you sent her.  It is real pretty."

                     Lots of love,


NOTE:  As a geography professor, Watty often took groups of students abroad.  Growing unrest in Argentina throughout the summer and fall of 1955 prevented Americans from traveling to the area.  The caption of the picture above reads:  The Defiant Faithful, 100,000 Argentinian Catholics, kneel in prayer in Buenos Aires' Plaza de Mayo...despite the government edict prohibiting any demonstration.   Images below from Life, June 27, 1955.

The fish picture above is also from the same issue in which it was reported that the game fish population of the U.S. was at the highest level ever in 1955.


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