Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 28, 1955 Growing Up, Between Storms, Barnum & Bailey and Summer School

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The children are in bed but aren't asleep.  We went for a little ride after supper.  They usually play out a while after supper now that we are on daylight savings time.  They can't go to sleep as early as they used to.  Maybe it is a sign they are growing up.

We had quite a storm yesterday--lots of wind and rain.  It hit first about 3:30 and then again at night.  A lot of dead limbs came down but there wasn't any real damage.

In between the two storms B drove to a little town and gave a commencement speech.  It was his second one this week.  He gets paid for them and it isn't so bad.

We will have a vacation on Monday but since Wesleyan University doesn't have the day off we will go to piano class as usual.  Bob plays in his first recital on Sunday.  The whole class of beginners will play together like they do in class so it won't be hard.  The whole school of music from beginners to college graduates give one big recital every year.  Bob's teacher calls it their Barnum and Bailey.  Summer music classes will last until July 1 so we'll continue to go twice a week. 

The children don't have to go to summer school.  It is by choice but we thought they needed something to do.  I think it is more supervised play than anything and it is only during mornings.  If Ann doesn't get to go she will probably go to vacation Bible school.  She still loves Sunday School but Bob still doesn't want to go.

The Optimist Club had ladies night this week so we went and enjoyed it.  The speaker was a minister of the big Methodist Church in Bloomington.  He showed slides that he took last summer of the holy land.

Bob has invited one of his friends to come to play tomorrow.  The children will watch T.V. and then have lunch.  I won't get much done but I guess that doesn't matter.

I'm sorry you didn't get to go to Charlotte's graduation.  I know she was disappointed.  Today is Jerry's birthday.  I sent him some candy but he probably won't get it until Monday.  I wish Beulah would join the Garden Club.  It would be so different and nice for her.

School will be out in two more weeks.  B will teach summer school but will have a week's vacation.  He may have to stay here that week though, to interview some people for jobs in the education department.  Bob's piano classes will be going on then too so I don't know whether we can come or not.  We'll come in August as usual, and that won't be long.

Some of our missionary friends from Japan want us to meet them in Indiana that vacation week but I wrote that we couldn't do it.

Ann was happy about the letter."

                    Love to all,


Bob's 1st Grade Class, May, 1955 (Bob is 4th from right, 3rd row, Lynn is front row, 2nd from right)

NOTE:  On May 25, 1955, the entire town of Udall, KS was demolished in a tornado that left 77 dead and 270 injured.  There were no warnings issued.

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