Sunday, May 12, 2013

February 5, 1955 The Cold, The Tea, The First Piano Lesson, The Breakfast Set and The Chicken Pox

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is still terribly cold out and it has started to sleet or something again.  The walks are iced over and slick as glass.  It doesn't soften up so we can get it off.  My little plants have been covered with snow so long I hope they are still alive.  The snow may protect them.  I hope so for they seemed to be started well.

Toni and I were hostesses with some other girls for P.T.A. last night.  We fixed a tea tea table and served cookies and coffee.  We used my red table cloth and the University greenhouse fixed a white centerpiece of carnations for us.  It looked real pretty.

I spent today cleaning and didn't get half done.  Since it has been so cold we have to fire the furnace more and it makes so much dirt.  A little girl came home with Bob to play after school so that took care of my afternoon.

Bob has his first piano lesson on Monday.  I went to a Mother's meeting this week and was very pleased with the plans the teacher explained.  He is enrolled at Wesleyan University in their music school.  It is a rare opportunity for it is one of the best music schools in the country.  I just hope he likes it.  Two of his first grade friends are also going so that will help.  He will have two one-hour lessons every week and I have to sit with him each time.  The teacher said she knew it was very hard to do that but it was the only way we could know how to help them practice and we'd have to help them if they learn as they should.  Maybe I'll learn some music too.

We have our new breakfast set and it is real pretty.  The legs are black with brass tips.  The table top and chair seats are black and white tweed.

How old was Aunt Lulu?  I'm sorry about her but she has been unhappy for so long.  Does Uncle Floyd have to stay in bed?  Can he walk?  It seems like so many people have the same trouble now.

Will you send me Roger's address?  I'm ashamed that I haven't written to him since we got home from Japan.

I haven't sewed a bit since I got my machine back but want to before long.  Phyllis will be married in June probably and I'm going to make her dress or suit, whichever she chooses.

I'm out of news so I guess I'll have to stop.  We are all fine and our colds are all gone.  Hope you are fine, too.  Chicken pox has started at school so we may find out whether or not Bob really ever had them."

              Love to you both,


NOTE:  Bonnie was completely convinced that the way to enhance  learning of the piano was for a parent to be present on the bench at all times during lessons and practice.  She would later write an article for a music publication on the topic of practice supervision.  As for her own musical ability, she could both play and sing. 

Happy Mother's Day,  Mom!



  1. She always said, "You can do anything you put your mind to!" And she put her mind to many things:-)

  2. Yes Happy Mothers Day Mom, we miss you.


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