Wednesday, April 10, 2013

July 3 - 5, 1954 The Cable Car, Fireworks Under the Wisteria and The Last Night in Campus House #7

Diary Entry:  July 3, 1954

"Waited all morning for Bill & Darlene Schultz.  Arrived at noon after being lost.  Ate picnic lunch here.  Then went to Rokko & took cable car up mt.  Wonderful ride.  Could see all over Kobe.  Golf course on up the mt.  Hotels around on peaks.  Back home for supper.  Cut flowers for Darlene & all walked to bus with them at 7:30."

Diary Entry:  July 4, 1954

"Washed clothes early.  Looks like rain.  Walked to Kobe College to tell Jelliffes goodbye.  After supper rain began but we went out under wisteria arbor and shot fireworks."

Diary Entry:  July 5, 1954

"Literally poured rain all day long.  Phone rang all day.  Children played at Bray's most of day & all went there for supper.  Shot a few fireworks after supper under eaves on sunporch.  Still raining." 


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