Friday, October 26, 2012

May 16, 1953 A Bushel of Ironing, A Taste of Spring, A Pot of Pompoms, A Lovely Mothers' Day and A Walk in the Woods

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I just finished a bushel of ironing.  I have a bad little habit of leaving it until I simply have to do it, but ironing is one job I detest.

Today has been nice but we've had furnace fires again this week.  It is so disgusting.  I was all ready to pack away the snowsuits and the kids had to wear them this week again.  It was down to 34 and that's pretty cold after we've had a taste of spring.  Toni and I took the kids to the lake yesterday for a little while.  We found loads of wild flowers and we have them everywhere in the house.  Edna sent me a huge pot of yellow pompoms--the big mums and they are just beautiful--for helping her with her program.  Her program was real nice.  We had a lot of fun with it.  I have been wanting to have them here for dinner but simply can't find time. 

Bob's eye was well in a few days.  He is growing so fast that he's pretty clumsy now and is always in a hurry to get somewhere. 

I had a lovely Mothers' Day too.  B and the children had breakfast all ready before they woke me up and that was a real treat.  They had a box of candy and some new shoes for me.  I had seen the shoes advertised in the N.Y. paper and said I'd like to have them but I had no idea that B had ordered them.  They are pigskin "Walkovers" with low heels.  We all got ready and went to Sunday School and out for dinner.  After a short rest for the children we went for a ride and walk in the woods, which the kids just love.

News is scarce so I'll just say bye for now."

                Lots of love,


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