Tuesday, October 16, 2012

January 3, 1953 Hearing from Connecticut Friends, A New Dutch Oven, A New Vaporizer, Colds and Coughs Of Course and Happy New Year

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I decided that another week was too long to wait before writing to you even if I did say I wouldn't write this week.

We had a huge stack of mail when we got home.  The kids had packages from Wheelers, too--a hat for Ann and a magic slate for Bob.  There was a short note from Aggie.  I guess she didn't have time to write more for they have a new baby born Dec. 18.  It was a girl again.  That makes four girls.  Their last baby is younger than Ann so she'll have her hands full.  We didn't hear from Eleanor Rollins so I don't know how she is and no one else even mentioned them so I wonder if they may have left New Britain.  We may still hear though, for I wrote her a letter before Christmas.

The roast was still frozen when we got home.  I've cooked it, though, in my new Dutch oven and it was so tender it almost fell apart.

The children and I have colds.  Bob has felt just miserable all day today.  He coughs so much and Ann had croup for two nights.  We bought a big vaporizer and it has helped her a lot.  She's been quite perky all day. 

We were invited to a party New Year's Eve but our sitter is gone of course so we couldn't go.  We wouldn't have gone anyway, though, since the kids didn't feel good.  Toni made an apple pie and brought it over so the four of us had pie and coffee.  They were invited out too but had no sitter.

Take care of yourselves and may the New Year bring you both good health and happiness."

                 Lots of love,


NOTE:  For new readers who may not be familiar with the Connecticut friends, use the link to an earlier post to read about Bonnie's friend, Aggie.  http://annbkennedy.blogspot.com/2012/06/june-11-2012-at-home-with-hess-family.html

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