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February 7, 1953 All Better Now, A Cooperative, Friendly Peacemaker, Pretty Muddy and You Might Be Interested

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We had company come in last night and I didn't get my letter written.  We are all better--still coughing some but the doctor gave us some cough medicine that really works if we take it regularly.  My chest and sinuses had so much infection in them that I got worried for fear I'd get pneumonia so I went to the Dr. Wednesday afternoon.  He said I had bronchitis and gave me a shot of penicillin and some capsules of camphor for my sinuses.  It was lots better within 24 hours. Bobby went back to school on Tuesday and was so happy to go back.

We had the first report on Bob's school progress this semester.  It was just a letter saying he was cooperative, friendly and a peace maker.

We are having nice weather, too--not as warm as you are having but sunny.  The children have been playing outside a little but it's pretty muddy.

I'm sorry you aren't any better, Mother, but I think it's time to find a good Dr.  Isn't this one an army doctor too?

I finished Bob's shirt and it is real pretty.   It was a lot of work and took so long to make but now I'm glad I did for he is so proud of it.  I have been sewing on Ann a dress and it won't take long to finish it.  Then I'm going to rip up an old suit of B's and see if I can make me one.  I may never get it done for I've enrolled in a water color painting class in the adult education classes and that begins next Thurs. evening.  It is only one evening a week and I think I'll enjoy it.

B had an offer from University of Arkansas for a summer job but he's going to teach here so had to turn it down.

The article is a speech Woody gave.  Thought you might be interested."

                         Lots of love,


NOTE:  Truman's Point 4 was one of 4 issues he outlined in his inaugural address in Jan., 1949.  

Woody's article highlighted new patterns emerging in Pakistan and southern Asia.  In particular, he addressed agricultural extension centers and services designed to help increase the yield of rice; thus feeding more people, producing more rice to sell and enabling children to be in school rather than in the fields.  Another prominent pattern included a new enthusiasm for education including using textbooks and building school facilities.  He concluded with the importance of challenging students everywhere by teaching the realities of life in critical areas of the world. 

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