Tuesday, October 23, 2012

April 4, 1953 The Sun, The Confusion and It Doesn't Look Much Like Spring


Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The sun is so bright but it is cold after a miserable week of rain, rain, rain.  Eve and I had a good time visiting but the children had to stay in all of the time except for two days and it sounded like the house was falling down from dawn to dusk.  The children did real well though and had a good time.  They came Saturday afternoon and left early Friday morning.  We got up at four so they could get home before dark.  Kathy (their baby) was sick with a sore throat the whole time and finally had to have penicillin.  She wasn't real sick but had a fever to hang on so long.  Ann developed a high fever one night but was fine and next morning and now has a sniffling cold.

A little tip from McCall's, 1953

B and Jim had a good meeting in South Bend and felt the long trip was worth the trouble.

I do hope your sore throat didn't amount to anything.  About all you can do for the things is to go to bed and that's hard to do.

We aren't planning anything for Easter but will probably just stay home.  We are all so tired after all our company.  It's not the work that makes you tired but just the confusion.

Speigels has their nylon advertised again in their sale catalog for 1.19.  That's what I got last fall and it's nice.  Maybe you can order some of it.  I want to start cleaning house as soon as I can.  My house is so dirty I can't stand to look at the walls.  Then I simply must do some sewing.
It doesn't look much like spring here.  The grass is getting a little green and the trees are budded but tulips and jonquils are just coming up.

Hope you have a lovely birthday, Mother.  Your package should be there on time for once."

                     Lots of love,


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