Friday, April 13, 2012

March 23, 1946 B Gets Pepped Up, Time To Revise and Bind and Dot and Ben Are Engaged

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We are still having spring weather but are expecting another snow any time.  The weather is too good to last.

B has gone to the library to work.  He had his exams yesterday and came home a little discouraged.  The committee just asked him a few questions and didn't give him any satisfaction.  He went to see his two advisors this morning and came home all pepped up.  They both told him he did fine in the exams and told him they thought he could get through this spring by working pretty hard.  The dissertation must be revised and bound by May 1 so we're both going to have to work real hard.  Of course, there is still a possibility that the final copy would not be accepted but we'll hope for the best.  We won't really know till the last of June.

I have five more weeks of practice teaching.  The work is hard but I have the same supervisor that I had the first time and she is the one I liked so well.  You probably remember me talking about her--Miss Blunt.  There isn't time for anything except preparation for the next day's work.  I don't know whether I'll teach next fall or not.  By the end of summer school I may be so sick of it that I won't want to.  The next school term begins the last of June, I think and runs through the middle of Aug.  If B stays at Hopkins next year and it starts as late as it did last year, we can probably stay a month--we hope.

We still have some eggs.  From the way things look now I'm not going to have any time to shop so I'm going to send you a check for the eggs.  Then if I do happen to find some dress goods or stockings, I'll send them anyway.  I intended to send it last week and forgot.  I finally got around to sending the Journal today.

I didn't get my suit finished but I think I'll have a little time to work this week-end.  It is going to be pretty.  Yes, I think I'm still as slim as I was last summer--at least, my clothes fit about the same.

B's mother wrote about David going with the Day girl.  They double date with Ben and Dorothy Rae.  I guess you know that Ben & Dot are engaged.  It is no secret and we never did find out any of the details and don't even know if she has a diamond.  Everyone seems awfully happy about it, though.

Take care of yourselves and keep me posted on how you all feel."

             Lots of love,

                     B & Bonnie

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