Saturday, April 14, 2012

April 13, 1946 More Goods Available, A Nephew on the Way, The Passion Play and The Anniversary

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It has been pretty cool here all week but I guess it is a good thing.  People were afraid the fruit was going to get killed if we had many more real warm days.

We have been to town this afternoon but didn't do much good.  It is amazing to see so many things coming back on the market.  People were certainly crowded in the stores doing Easter shopping.
We have been married five years today.  It doesn't seem possible, does it?

I'm glad you like the dress material.  There are only three yards but I guess it is enough for you.

I was so glad to hear about Beulah's x-rays.  She wrote me about it too.  It would probably be better for her in the long run if she can have her baby naturally but one thing sure is that if she is in the hospital they can do something to help her.  I'll be glad when it is all over with.  You let me know as soon as the baby comes--a card will do but see that someone writes one.

Did you go to the club?  I know you had a good time if you did.

I don't believe any of the talk about Prof. Trippe.  He'll probably still be there when my grandchildren are in school.

We went to see the Passion Play last night.  One of the churches here gives it every year at Easter time.  The church was jammed and they have given it every might this week.  I wish you could have been there.  It was just wonderful.  They even showed Christ on the cross.  It was so realistic one just felt like crying.

B went to church all by himself last Sunday.  I haven't been in ages and I was so thrilled that he went. In about a month we should be able to start living like we should again.  I guess the Lord will understand though.

Our school work is coming along fine. My work isn't quite so hard now.  I have only two more weeks to teach.

Take care of yourselves."

                      Lots of love,

                           B & Bonnie

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