Sunday, July 3, 2016

February 5, 1977 The Storm Warning, The Old Tile, The Eureka Rally, The 12 Teeth and President Carter's Fireside Chat

Dear Mother,

"Your letter came on time this week and I saw on the Today Show this morning that it is warmer there now. I hope that is true. We had more snow last night and a storm warning is out this afternoon. Rural schools are closing early today and not taking any chances of buses getting caught. I planned to go to the grocery store this afternoon but it is quite a ways and I was afraid to start. The blizzards come up so fast and it looks as if it has started now. We did have a little thawing yesterday but it is going to take a lot to get rid of all the snow we have now. When I read about Buffalo, N.Y., I stop complaining though.

We had a letter from Ann and everything there has been closed because of the storms.

B & I finally got the old tile off the basement floor and need to find something new to go on it before we paint the walls. The weather hasn't been decent long enough for us to shop for anything but I think I want a hard twist indoor-outdoor carpet--something like kitchen carpet. It will be a little warmer on the feet than tile and easy to keep clean.

My quilt program is tomorrow but if the weather gets really bad it will probably be cancelled. I wouldn't care a bit but I am ready.

Gov. Reagan is to be in Eureka tomorrow for a fund raising rally at Eureka College. We were invited but aren't interested in hearing him talk or even meeting him. I couldn't go anyway with the other meeting already scheduled.

Bob called Sunday and they are all fine. Bobby has 12 teeth now and is saying a few words. I guess he's a real busy little boy. Bob said he'd climb up in his rocking chair & take about 2 rocks before climbing out. He hasn't learned to climb up on the couch yet but tries.

I'm sure Marjorie can set her quilt blocks together even if she's never done it before. This will be a good chance for her to learn.

B has a dinner at school tonight. It is for high school students who have won scholarships to college here and I hope they don't have trouble getting here. B walks to school, of course, and we really feel lucky that we live so close.

Did you listen to Pres. Carter's fireside chat? I hope he does that real often. Maybe we'll know what is really going on.

Stay warm and stay in when there is any ice. Spring can't be too far away."



NOTE: Watch Carter's fireside chat from Feb. 2, 1977, and an interesting informational slideshow on Buffalo's "White Death" blizzard.

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