Tuesday, July 5, 2016

February 26, 1977 The 4 Inches of Snow, The Light Yellow Carpet, The Chicago Meeting, The Student Volunteers and The International Folk Art Festival

Dear Mother,

"You'd never guess what it's doing outside today--snowing! It is coming down pretty hard and they say we'll have 4 inches. The moisture is needed and the ground has thawed enough for it to soak in when it thaws. I guess that's good.

We picked out carpet for the basement this week and it will be put down in mid-March. That means we have to get busy down there. The carpet is a yellow tweed kitchen type so I hope it won't be hard to keep clean. It had to be a hard finish because I'm going to sew down there and put my quilting frame down there. The walls will be painted light yellow, too. It should look bright and warm when it is finished and we plan to use it a lot. I picked out the paint this week, too, but I don't want to buy it until I'm ready to use it so the paint store will do the mixing. They shake it on a machine while I'd have to stir a long time to get it mixed.

B has a meeting in Chicago from Tuesday (Mar. 1) until Friday afternoon (Mar. 4) so we'll be at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Chicago if you need us.

Bob hasn't called this week but I imagine he's been real busy because he was to start giving his vaccine to some student volunteers at the University of Maryland last Saturday. I think that's in Baltimore and he has to check each student every day during the experiment. If this works (and he says it will) he'll be ready to try it on children.

Ann called one evening just after B came home so we both had a visit with her. They are fine but she hadn't written in awhile and thought she'd better check in. She does this sometimes and of course we love hearing her voice. They planned to go to see some friends in Baltimore this weekend and might go on to see Bob & Pat. It isn't a very long drive.

This has been a busy week. B went to a meeting near Chicago one evening and gave a talk. My knitting group met here one evening and I had 3 other meetings.

One afternoon we did some paper cutting (fancy stuff) at a workshop getting ready for the International Folk Art Festival which I've been working on. I'm not sure what it is going to be like but I've been hunting up Japanese clothes and things like that for them to use. I'm working in a needlework booth & will be quilting on my blocks you gave me. I finished one & it is very nice. It was easy to do & I didn't even use a hoop of any kind.

What are your new blocks like & what colors are you using on them?

I'm sorry about your preacher. That is always a chore to replace one. We have a good one now and our church is pretty full every Sunday in spite of the weather. Lots of students come.

It is lunch time so I must stop. Hope you are fine and that the weather is sunny & warm there."



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